Energy efficient water pumps Egypt: The Amazing Forest in the Desert 1 day ago   06:02

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Jordan is one of the driest countries in the world. The water sector accounts for some 15 percent of the country's electricity use. Energy efficient pumps aim to reduce that consumption and limit the harm done to the environment.

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These people should thank Germany for funding this project and changing their lives to better.
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Egypt: The Amazing Forest in the Desert Energy efficient water pumps 1 day ago   06:14

Fertile land is scarce in Egypt. All of life depends on water from the Nile River. 85 million Eyptians are settled along its banks. The rest of the country is desert. Egyptian and German scientists have now found a way of cultivating forests in the desert sand.

It looks like a fata morgana. But the forests in the Egyptian desert are real. They're watered with processed sewage. 24 such forests have sprung up across the country over the past eight years. The sewage is rich in nutrients and fuels the growth of plants like mahagony, eucalyptus and sisal.

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