The World War II battle against STDs Walking to America with the Migrant 1 day ago   12:20

Not all of World War II’s battles were public. Venereal disease was a major front in the war.

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Venereal disease has long been an issue for militaries, but during World War II, the problem became bigger and more global. That required unusual tactics and unorthodox strategies to beat syphilis and gonorrhea during the war. In this episode of Vox Almanac, Phil Edwards explores some of the ways the United States military fought this epidemic.

Starting with Bousbir in Casablanca, it’s a tour of the uneasy relationship the military had with prostitution, recreational sex, and the venereal diseases that soldiers contracted. Both in America and around the world, it was a significant problem that resulted in health troubles and days lost on the battlefield.

This piece uses numerous sources, but the most useful resource might be the history found here: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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I got an ad for Trump before watching this
Guinness World Record for longest intro?
Dylan Riesenbeck
malphina starwin
That may look like a half tone screen in that pamphlet- but its the clap! I should know. I'm VDD, Venereal disease detective.
stop saying "america" when you mean "united states". You are not 2 continents
The RightStuff
3:19 Calomel is Mercury Chloride, I don't want to rub that on my equipment.
Even now all women are a disease, all SJW women (feminists, #metoo, false accusations)
Julius Johnson
What happened in there?
Colonel K
Many years ago I read Colonel Charles Codman's memoir DRIVE about his time as General Patton's aide. If I recall correctly, he commented on the Casablanca Conference and FDR and Churchill's disappointment at the red light district of the city. It didn't live up to the movie, but was off-limits to the GIs by then anyway. I also remember an article I read when I was in the Air Force about how we nearly lost the war in 1942 or 43 because of an order requiring punishment of any troops who got VD. As a result the rates skyrocketed because the men were afraid to get treatment. This idiotic order was quickly rescinded and replaced with one threatening punishment of any soldier who did not seek treatment. My Dad had to watch the VD warning films when went in the service in 1948, but by the time I entered in the 70s, they no longer showed them. God bless modern medicine.
Chris Daniels
Is there penicillin on this boat?
Chuckles Nuts
As a Veteran Airmen who served in Yokota, Japan for nearly a decade I would meet with various women, yes Japanese women they are human as well. Mostly in what is now called "Soapland" and condoms were more of my budget than liquor or cigarettes. I have been lucky since i have known Several Fellows that contracted everything from the classics to Aids and HIV.
And another part of history not teached in school.
Thank you, good work!
20:20 partial nudity

thank me later
“Don’t care, had sex”
oh they were "liberating" alright
Aren't they considered STI's now?

No, I'm not talking about Subarus.
ryan ohara-Ng
"They seemed to enjoy their job of serving mankind..." caged up like that?
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Walking to America with the Migrant The World War II battle against STDs 1 day ago   20:48

Thousands of migrants Central America have trekked across Mexico as part of the wave after wave of caravans fleeing persecution, violence, and poverty in their home countries.

Among the group are scores of teenagers traveling alone and dreaming of a life in the United States that could help provide for their loved ones back home—most of them unaware of the threats of arrest and deportation made by President Trump and other U.S. officials.

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