WW3 REVEALED Russia’s SECRET laser RAF Typhoons armed with UK's 2 days ago   05:10

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J.R. Burke
We are not going to go to war with Russia. They were an ally during the great war, and ww2. When we need somewone. . Russia is there. And those boys can fight. Amen to Russia. From USA.
I n f i n i t e T y l e r
Superb Caolan
We must sellte this the OG way.

Super Smash Bros
flappy daily
War will most likley be. America UK israel japan south korea saudi Arabia europe france Australia new zealand Philippines canada italy spain greece turkey Vs russia china india pakastian mexico north korea iraq iran serbia syria
flappy daily
US allies israel japan south korea poeland italy saudi Arabia france UK canada Australia new zealand nato Philippines Europe. Russia allies china india north korea Pakistan
AsiA I.
use this to destroY  THAAD
AsiA I.
capture more badgeRs have them sentenced by judiciary system to sentence them to reeducation encampment and only if they successfully meet all requirements then have them released to reintegrate to society.
Colin Tan
Gog of Magog has developed many new weapons to f*ck this dominatrix Whore of Mystery Babylon when she seeks complete Hegemony through her formication with other Kings of the World.
Bella Donna
We already know all that, it was for the monsters hiding under ground and Russia isn't killing their people in there homes like USA is doing in California. Totally Evil, it's not a satanic war in honour for papa bush is it. One can only wander how their small minds work. They are not capable to think rationally, it's all that human flesh and blood they drink and eat, it dulls their brain.
tw wolf
The truh Lord
balam thapa
Very good Russia all the best
Andy Gadd
The US is always pushing the line. How much longer till justice?
john mu
FXXKING Russia’s
Ange Pogorelec
US dumb cunts war mongers death will come to you door.
Tuyen Pham
Yes, the great tribulation will begin with World War III, and it will begin with three days of darkness. During these 3 days, atomic bombs will explode all over the world. Million after million will instantly perished from one hour to the next. After these 3 days, survived powerful countries will quickly advance their troops to take over the less powerful ones. War will be everywhere, and the world will be in absolute chaos. Islamic forces will invade Rome, take over Vatican, kill the pope and all those with him. This horrible chaotic condition will continue for another 5 months or 150 days until the reign of the Anti-Christ will be well established. He will set up the abomination that Daniel prophesied in St. Peter Basilica and the terrible persecution of good Christians will begin. All this will last 7 years then Christ will show his merciful heart to the Church.
Lk 21: 34-35, (34) "But take heed to yourselves lest your hearts be weighed down with dissipation and drunkenness and cares of this life, and that day come upon you suddenly like a snare; (35) for it will come upon all who dwell upon the face of the whole earth.
xxx xxx
Dear russia , Launched the tsar bomb in Washington... everything its ok..
Rick Brath
Fake news again
You got 60 days until ww3.
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RAF Typhoons armed with UK's WW3 REVEALED Russia’s SECRET laser 2 days ago   03:16

ROYAL Air Force jets have taken to the skies armed with Britain’s latest air-to-air missile.

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