Affectionate Cat Is Returned To Shelter By Owner 10 Ways People In The 1800s Kept 1 day ago   02:09

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Jacque, a large three-year-old lap cat, was surrendered to Michigan Cat Rescue.
Thankfully, Nancy Hutchinson, founder of Michigan Cat Rescue, saw Jacque and saved him.

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its nyancy
what kind of human dont like cat becouse he too cuddly....hope he got eaten by crocodile somewhere....ungratefull came he abandon this cute fluffy face....omg
The Incredible Kitty
That cat 🐱reminds me of a cat 🐱that showed up on my front porch, we've had it for about a week and we still don't have a name for her. She's more cuddly then about all 6 of my other cats 🐱 combined. Please leave a like and tell me what you think I should name her. She looks almost like the cat in this video, but with two darker colored orange lines running down her back.

Idk why but she seems like she was one of the cats 🐱 that I didn't know we had, because my family lives in the woods and most of my cats 🐱 stay outside. She might of belonged to me and my family then wondered off to live with someone else.

P.S. every year I get many kittens 🐱 but since most of them were born in places where I couldn't go, I only knew the kittens 🐱 that were in my backyard. The cat might go back to her original home in a few days, so Idk if I'll even have enough time to name her.
Kari Tacoma
“Too cuddly”?? All my cats cuddle when they’re cold, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Shame on the owner that returned them.
Nikolaj C
He is beautiful😍
Beverly Gannon
Poor cat sum people are just shit
Mick A
Happy ending. Handsome fellow is where he belongs!
Juju Bee
I really love to have cuddly cat like him. I am so glad finally he got good human. Thank goodness.
Edward Munson
I hope this is false or at least embellished. What would possess a person to do something like this? This, in my opinion, is tantamount to animal cruelty. If we could, my wife and I would take in every cat and dog in all "shelters." Truthfully, "shelter" is often a misleading. We punish the loving animals, yet do little about abuse.
Ashley Fingar
I have many pets but they're all pretty independent & not real cuddly, I just had to put to sleep my cuddle buddy on November 24th, my cat Boo, had him for 13 & half years, still having a hard time, especially missing the cuddle times, people are just insane & heartless to not want that, I miss it so much!
How can you return a cat for being to cuddly...makes want to punch those people in the face.
*How do you kill someone just by thinking about it? Asking for a friend*
lemon ice
Why change his name? His new owners should've kept his name. Also, how can you not love a cat who's so cuddly!? What is wrong with people nowadays!?
Mike K
My Wife and I have 2 cats, siblings brother and sister. Sis is kinda the usual me sometimes, but mostly don't touch me, just look at me and admire my beauty lol. Bro on the other hand is a lover boy. Always hanging around with me in my man cave. So we sit and watch football together lol.
Kurobara Anatanoniwade
I'd pay my cat good money in form of Wet food cans just to cuddle with me for an hour! Jesus, what's wrong with a cuddly cat?
I wish I could get a cat that was so-called "too cuddly".
Olga Kostenko
Too cuddly? Seriously? Then why that moron decided to adopt a pet in the first place?
Just Some Random Guy
Subterranean Homesick Alien
What a dick the person who returned him. I adopted a cat this past summer and when I went to meet him the lady running the rescue told me he had been adopted previously and returned. To this day I'm puzzled as to why he was returned. He's loving, sweet, nosey and just a fun cat to have. don't tell my other cats or the kids but he's my favorite 😂.
Puffy Cat Top Dog
Thanks soooooooo much for giving him a chance. Mwaaaah
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10 Ways People In The 1800s Kept Affectionate Cat Is Returned To Shelter By Owner 1 day ago   08:16

10 Ways People In The 1800s Kept Warm In The Depths Of Winter

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