The roots of America's democracy problem Why the Victorian mansion is a horror icon 1 day ago   07:10

Minority rule is a majority problem.

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Political systems depend on legitimacy. In America, that legitimacy is failing.

In an earlier version of this video, we incorrectly reported the population of New York. The state's population in 2017 was 19.85 million people.

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Steve Farris
Neither party represents the people. It has turned into a power grab and representatives stay in their positions for decades. Greedy pigs at the federal trough. Actually this has been this way for a long time, but it is worse today. Leaders of congress who are in their late 70's or early 80"s and have never had a real job. I don't know the answer but ask anyone who has lived in a socialist country and they will tell you it is the most oppressive system other than islam.
Petar Stamenkovic
So, brain washing children from a young age to believe that sex isn't the same gender and that both are as imaginary as God. We should teach them that social constructionism is worth more than the paper it’s written on- _isn't_ fighting dirty?

We should teach kids that "merit based" is a triggering micro aggression that requires a safe space and it’s important to instill in kids as early age as possible that the most important characteristic of a person is their skin color and genitalia.

How silly of me for thinking that some other part of a person's characteristic could be more important. Something such as what does a person think, feel and believe. We wouldn't want to focus on trivial things such as a person's mind, heart or soul. No no no.

We gotta know what the _key_ differences between people are- their skin color and genitalia. Maybe throw in mental disorders for good measure. That's what we should be focusing on. Carry on the good work Vox! Don't ever let small things like the truth, objective reality and common sense stand in your way of doing social justice! It is all for the greater good after all. Isn't it? That good has to be very great for you to lie so much, but it must be worth it in the end- it is _greater_ good after all.

Speak lies for social justice even if your voice shakes.
Tough Wang
Can you build a party representing all people? The party can get rid of control from big interest group.
Sebastian m
Wake up, the US isn't a democracy. A Democratic Republic is what makes the US different from other nations.
The Fathers created the electoral college to prevent state cities like New York, Chicago, and Des Moines from mob ruling the country, they still have too much power in their own states, but as long as they stay there, the Left will be controlled.
Btw, President Trump won the popular vote. 🤔😂
The founders knew that the tyranny of the majority would curb the freedoms of the minority. That's why the electoral college is so brilliant, but unfortuanley Ezra doesn't seem to grasp the genius of it.
Liam Tahaney
The roots of America's democracy problem is slavery.
You have something to replace that. It's corporate nihilism. Both sides bow to the will of corporations and politicians from both sides spout corporate nonsense.
Preston Graham
And its the Democrats lol
De CapitanFluffy
Also the problem with superdelegates for the DNC. It’s rigged they don’t listen to the votes of the people
Daniel Moolman
The USA really needs to get rid of the electoral college. Such a stupid idea.
Cecil Gordon
were too big for a functioning democracy. it time to split into separate nations
Cecil Gordon
itss ok. that the founders didnt actually creat a democracy but we lieto ourslves about how we are, the electorlal college and he sente as weell as 2 senators per state are all undemocratic institutions meant to blunt democracy
This video is just spreading lies and it starts with the first statement that's made. America is a Constitutional Republic not a Democracy. The system was put in place so that the mob majority doesn't rule. The problem is part of the country voted and won an election the other part can't accept it so it's got to find a way to manipulate the masses to find a way to get to mob majority rule. People from the cities have no place in telling people in the country how to live, and people in the country have no place telling people in the cities how to live. Everyone needs to mind their own damn business and quit pushing crap on others!
why does this have no class analysis
Spike Spiegel
EK podcast is the best thing around, seriously check it out if you haven't!
You kept saying things like "both sides" throughout the entire video. What you need is a political system that allows more than two political parties to exist. First Pass The Post that's currently being used will always gravitate towards only having 2 big parties.
Aaro Halme
Puerto rico is spanish, not american.
derin saleem
The big problem is the big Zionist elephant in the room!
Alezac Valdez
Political parties must be disbanded and penalize official who has connection with other officials
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Why the Victorian mansion is a horror icon The roots of America's democracy problem 1 day ago   05:01

The Gilded Age left a legacy of decay on the American landscape.

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Haunted houses are often depicted with similar features: decaying woodwork, steep angles, and Gothic-looking towers and turrets. The model for this trope is the Victorian mansion, once a symbol of affluence and taste during the Gilded Age - a period of American history marked by political corruption and severe income inequality.

After World War I, these houses were seen as extravagant and antiquated, and were abandoned. Their sinister relationship to the troubling end of the Victorian Era in America eventually led to their depiction as haunted and ghostly in both fine art and pop culture, and is now an unspoken symbol of dread. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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