Dunkey's Best of 2018 Red Dead Redemption 2 (dunkview) 2 days ago   10:01

Fourteen incredible games I played in 2018.

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List of Games
14. Monolith (0:35)
13. Jackbox Party Packs (1:11)
12. Downwell (1:47)
11. Bloodstained : Curse of the Moon (2:13)
10. Monster Hunter World (3:03)
9. Lumines (4:05)
8. Uncharted 4 : A Thief's End (4:35)
7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (5:26)
6. Donkey Kong Country : Tropical Freeze (5:39)
5. Enter the Gungeon (6:56)
4. Zeroranger (7:20)
3. Into the Breach (7:59)
2. Celeste (8:49)
1. God of War (9:15)

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george commons
Oh yeah yeah
Super Mario Brothers 2 Back again with the win. Can't wait till next year!
Gerald L
6:10 ...no :(
Pro Ishaan Puri
Dunkey how can you forget The Messenger if you love Ninja Gaiden?
Lord Zenghax
I need more enthusiasm in the Super Mario Brothers 2!
Hayden Keast
Make a new overwatch video PLEASE!!!!
Uncharted 4???????
Jewish Dad
They need a killer bean game
John Archer
That's gotta be the least funny SMB2 reveal yet. Dunkey, if you're reading this I want you to know I won't be mad if you decide to not do the SMB2 gag next year. If you don't think you can do it in a funny, unexpected way anymore, you don't have to.
Insanexman 101
Honestly disappointing. These all are the worst games of 2018. All 14 spots, belong to knack 3D
Oh yeah nice video
Nicholas Wright 2.0
Why is half of his games
WilE04 Boi
8:57 wheres plague of shadows
Crinklè but I don’t thinkle so
Oh yeah yeah
Sr Nigromante
Wsut that wasnt a joke you really put GOW on number 1
Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze really makes you feel like a donkey.
I think he finally killed the Super Mario Brothers 2 Meme. Just listen to that tired expression of a voice.
Lenzel Gates
I still play Overwatch too 🤫😂
João Vitor Dionisio de Mattos
what is the name of the song during monster hunter wolrd section ?
Isaiah Streblow
I love how everyone's hopes and dreams hung on whether the video would end with Supah Mario Brothers Two. I think we all came here just for that.
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Red Dead Redemption 2 (dunkview) Dunkey's Best of 2018 2 days ago   06:24

(minor spoilers for Chapter 5)

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