Ukrainian president summons war cabinet Why Ukraine is trapped in endless conflict 2 days ago   01:00

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Ukraine and Russia has accused one another of “provocation” after a boat was “rammed” in a standoff near Crimea on Sunday, which was under Kyiv control until Russia annexed the peninsula in 2014. …

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Ray Legg
iodine, pro biotic, burdock root, raw red onion, gatorade, distilled water, clean environment with something that kills bacteria. This stops mind control.
Russia did not annex Crimea.. Get your facts together. Just a propaganda lie. Oh and if you want to argue about this with me.. again do your homework first plz
Andrew M
The British Empire occupied one third of the world's surface. We invaded and colonised everywhere and even drew and created boundaries making counties up like Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Isreal, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi and so on, places that litteraly didn't exist prior. The Amercians took North Amercia from the native Indians. The Amercias "stole" or "Annexed" Texas from Mexico, now Amercia says it's thiers and doesn't let Mexicans in: The list is literally endless....

As i said at this point Crimea is Russian, the Ukranian ships were tresspassing. Crimea is Russian as Canada or Australia, India and so on and so were once British....
The Fauklands: Argentinia say it's thiers, we say it's ours.

We took Gibraltar from Spain 300 years ago, as Amercia took Costa Rica and Peurto Rico from Spain or as the French took Vietnam from the Vietnamese and the French Congo from the Africans etc, etc, etc.

The Japanese, the Turkish Ottomon Empire, the Roman, Empire, The French Empire, the German Austro Hungarian Empire, the British Empire, the Spanish Empire, the Russian Empire, the 4th Reich, The Soviet Union, the Europian Union etc, etc.

If the Spanish roled into Gibraltar we, the British would be saying it's ours and the Spanish saying it's thiers, same as what a happening in Ukraine.
It's all semantics, as the saying goes: Possession is 9/10 th's of the law
О чем мы говорим? Украинские военные корабли вторглись в воды Российской Федерации. Российские военные более десяти раз сообщали им, что они вошли на территорию России и *предложили* вернуться в нейтральные воды. Украинские военные корабли проигнорировали все предупреждения и перешли на стратегический объект - "Керченский мост".
Для справки: нынешние депутаты Украины и Поддерживаемые правительством радикальные нацистские организации неоднократно заявляли о намерениях взорвать Керченский мост (совершить теракт).
Ситуация: 2 боевых катера + буксир (поиск показал: внутри много оружия), вторгаются в территориальные воды другого государства и стремительно двигаются к стратегическому объекту - что делать?
Согласно Уставу российских военных: контакт (радио, Ракетная установка), предупредительный выстрел и если нарушитель не прекращает дальнейшее уничтожение нарушителя государственной границы. Русские моряки показали человечность и не топят корабли! Много часов их блокировали, велись переговоры, в итоге заставили сдаться!
Alan Heath
Wear are the other 2 war ships captured all i see is a old tug painted or is it 3 tugs
Derrick Holzhey
putin pulled the trigger first i knew putin cant control himself hes a war mongrel
Love to Ukraine from America. If war breaks out i'm signing up and heading over there!
Jeka Onis
Украицы сами смеются с этой причины военного положения, великий порошенко знает что делает
D Irwan Edy
Idiots,in USA they will shoot you like pirate. slaves always like this poor Ukraine.
This actually goes back to obama whether you like it or not. Back in the day when Ukraine wanted to give up their nuclear weapons, they contacted us. We worked out a deal with Ukraine saying that we would back them up(physically) if anything were to happen to them. When Russia invaded Ukraine and took over Crimea, obama did absolutely nothing even though we promised to help them.
Pip Yorkie
Russians in Ukraine wanting to join russia, shocker it's almost as if like multiculturalism doesn't work.
Video Clips
The Ukrainian ship entered to waters of Russia. The laws you invented EU, Ukraine broke. So do not be hypocrite.
Jasen Jahn
This is like if USA attacked Mexico. Of course we could take over Mexico—politically (cia takeover) or with force.
Austerlitz 6an9ban6
I hope the USA is going to crush Russia one day. Greetings from Poland
Mini Nuke81
As much problems is Kiev has been it's hard for Russia to say that they are not at fault in this situation
Colin Tan
Attacks on Ukrainian vessels are considered Act of War on NATO.
abdul haleem
Warmonger zionist taken another wrong medication" allready suffering the side effect from own medication in syria"
adam hiscock
Why are all these russians speaking to eachother in english? So many trolls
Χλωμό αναβάτης
Nice try Ukraine!  Don't poke the BEAR!
my favorite fake news stuff :D
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Why Ukraine is trapped in endless conflict Ukrainian president summons war cabinet 2 days ago   04:25

The ceasefire is completely ignored.

Correction: In a previous version, the Russian Empire at 2:31 did not include Finland and northern Kazakhstan and at 2:34 the map mistakenly depicted the Warsaw Pact members, not the Soviet Union.

At 2:03 the Minsk II agreement refers to the separatist enclaves as "certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine" not the DPR and LPR.

Russian Empire:
Soviet Union:

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The present conflict in Ukraine started in 2014. Today, there are 100,000 fighters stationed in the country, making it one of the most heavily militarized regions in the world. In Ukraine's east, Ukrainian forces are engaged in a struggle with Russian-backed separatists.

A ceasefire was called in 2015, with a security zone established that was meant to foster peace. However, today the security zone remains one of the most violent places in the Ukraine. With over 10,000 deaths to date, and over 1.5 million civilians displaced, the cost of ignoring the ceasefire continues to mount by the day. And both sides are still building up their forces.

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