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if Russia was to invade Europe, how would it do it and could it do it at all?

In 2017, Russia conducted a series of military exercises known as Zapad, or “exercise West”. With their roots in the Soviet Union, Zapad military exercises have traditionally been shows of force, meant to let NATO know that Russia was willing and ready to fight. Despite assurances that Russia's 2017 Zapad exercises were nothing more than preparations for counter-terror operations, an exercise that was supposed to feature only 10,000 personnel turned into a 100,000 strong mock-invasion of eastern Europe with one clear message: Russia's military might is back. Today, we look into a very scary scenario, in this episode of The Infographics Show, Can Russia really invade Europe?

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia's military severely atrophied, and despite remaining a sizable force its readiness and capabilities were all but defunct. . After such an embarrassing performance, Vladimir Putin vowed to improve the readiness and capabilities of the Russian military, culminating in a ten-year modernization push that has yielded huge results. While still mostly a conscript army, Russia's military is seeing a huge expansion in the size of its volunteer forces- an important development given the drastically better performance and morale of an all-volunteer military force such as the US' versus a conscripted force. New battle tanks and fighter aircraft have also dramatically improved its capabilities both on the air and on the ground, and while its fleets remain a glaring weakness, they would ultimately have limited use in a European battle. Russia has also dramatically improved its logistical capabilities, something that it has historically struggled with even under the former Soviet Union. Heavy road transport units for ferrying armor to the front lines via road networks has reduced Russia's reliance on rail transport to get its tanks to the front lines, with rail lines being a natural first target for NATO bombardment. Russia has also doubled down on the one area it has traditionally outperformed NATO in, ground-based anti-air platforms. The introduction of the S-400 and the future deployment of the S-500 anti-air defense system has given NATO planners serious concerns, and with a range of up to 250 miles (400 kilometers), a single battery of S-400 units can threaten large swathes of a European battlefield. Russia has also invested heavily into modernizing its non-strategic nuclear forces, outpacing even the US in this arena.






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The Infographics Show
I see we have a great, knowledgeable audience here 👍I love reading your comments which elaborate even further from our infographics! Do you think history was a good enough teacher to not let it happen again? Furthermore can you think of a better purpose to harness all means (money, manpower, science, technological advances) that are usually used in war?
π means nothing
WW3 already started

In the comment section.
david fuentes
Invacions are a waste of time and lives, is in the history books.
Rubbish, the west will completely isolate Russia both diplomatically and economically. Russia economy is too weak to sustain a war.
Have you asked yourselves as to why should Russia invade Europe ? anyone has logical answer please come forward.
Gabriel Norocea
Where is China and Japan?
Felix Immisch
I just love these videos. Always making me laugh!
Not only breading old fears of russia but also pushing for the wrong political response. Spending more on you military as the video suggests wont be what Europe needs.
All Europe needs to do is to make sure a war against it would never pay for russia (or of course all other nations).
And thanks to nuclear weapons that will be hardly ever the case. All russia can do now is small scale skirmishes like in the Ukraine.

But just for the fun of it lets assume russia did go to war and there would be no nuces allowed. You wanna know what is gonna happen first and propably cause the worst damage to the EU countrys?
Cyberattacks! Russia is very good at them and if they manage to hack enough critical infrastructure they may destroy an entire country without a shot beeing fired nor a tonne of casultys. They would at the very least criple the country and make it a ripe target for the conventional invasion.
Of course NATO-Europe would strike back, propably moderstely succesfull. Thou no one truly knows the outcome of a cyber war. But it is where the military spending should go to!

However coming back to the real world we see that a full scale war will never be good for russia, so they have no reason to attack, unless we force then to by threatening them with the continious expansion east, both politicly and militarly (expanding Nato)
Major Tom999
who needs nato ,should we pay americas expanding lust? we get friends with the russains ,thats what we do and get rid of america .americans stand alone or do you realy think that europe would fight for the empire of america?
greetings from germany.
Eli as
A Schock
Had to write this comment without watching the video to the end. No, russia cant. Russias population isnt even a quarter of europas. Also germany alone, one of europes 30+ states, overcomes russia in economy, infrastructure etc by far. Tge european military is bigger, the military is way bigger, the equipment of some nations is way more advanced and europe controls the sea and the land surrounding western russia. The chances of russia winning a war equals zero.
That One guy
Jokes on you his daughter lives in The Netherlands (Amsterdam).No nukes for you.
*normalny youtuber*
So bolshevicks wanna next 1920 round. Ok
Poland join Game
Russia join Game
1 2 3 *FiGHT*
Nicolas D'Errico
Too many dislikes
hollow hype
Tbh we should all be one and be ready for maybe extra terrestrial attacks and terrorism 🤷🏼‍♂️
Eli Santos
Have you thought about an alliance between Russia and China? Both are highly interested in remove the US dominance. That will be a very good idea for a next video.
Paul White
Russia does not need to invade Europe. America and Western Europe is committing suicide in its fatal embrace of globalism, consumerism, feminism and mass immigration.
Peter Dykes
Управляющая компания ТОР Групп
In world war 2 ,the USSR was able to maintain the fight for a considerably long period of time because of the limitless supply of food,logestics, weapons M3 LEE,M4 SHERMAN AND VALENTINE TANKS,amunition,aircrafts and Studebaker trucks enough to form a line from Moscow to the German border all given by the USA and the UK.... BUT NOW...what kind of war would Russia wage against those countries, where from getting enough logistics to out match the NATO's? and even as you suggest the nuclear weapons , what is the benifit of a radio active waste land for anyone? what are the benifits of such a war to the already struggling Russian economy? bring in more money?i don't think so,more likely it 'd harm the economy of Russia even more... come on ,grow up and stop this logic-less mumbo jumbo paranoia hypothesis.!
Seti Michael Maxwell
Answer: they'd better NOT!
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10 Insane Military Operations That Can Russia Invade Europe? 1 day ago   11:57

From The United States being invaded. . . twice, to Russia planning to wipe China off the map with nukes! These military operation would have changed history entirely.

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