Our cats get their Christmas presents 「面白い動物」あり得ないことをする犬, 猫・おもしろ犬, 猫のハプニング, 失敗集 2 days ago   19:05

Rachel & Jun's Adventures!
Our cats get some new toys and other presents for Christmas! :)

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Erik Just Erik
Rachel and Jun’s cats rated best to worst

1. *fluff boye*
He is good because big fluff

1. *cinnamon boye*
He is good because sweety

1. *MRROOOEWW boye*
Good because of cabinet skills

Once again, it was a 3 way tie because all cats are *good boyes*
Sammy Wen
The good content I signed up for
The Potato Narwal
This is my hobby now. Watching fat cats play with toys.

Danna sophia
Nagi: i gunna kill this thing
Danna sophia
4:25 when i saw that spray bottle i thought jun was gonna spray the cats
Danna sophia
3:21 *i could put pokis food on the floor and he would still eat it*

broken logic
Zach Lambirth
Cat wrapping paper

Cwrapping paper
Bubblelene Lene
I can’t even go to my best friend’s house because her cat hate me, once she jumped onto my face and left a big scratch on my face, that cat was lucky it didn’t make a scar because her EXISTENCE SCARRED MY LIFE
Neil Watkins
I double....no I triple dare you to get a black cat and name it, Kuroneko.
Sonia Alanis
quality content
zone girl
Can u please post more
Light Lorraine
My Baby loves Christmas and his Birthday.. Which is oddly close to Hubbys Birthday as well. The fiery men in my life 😂 my fireballs, one doubles as fluffball 😉😙
I love poki’s bowl!!! I want ten of them!!!!
Triggered Oni
Where are the legends...? I can't hear but i love your videos ;--;
For Christmas, I got my cat this: https://www.kongcompany.com/cat/essentials/care/cat-zoomgroom

She's a long hair cat and usually hates brushes but she loves this one and it gets out so much hair without tugging! Brushing her is so much easier now.
Saul f
Always love how you guys really almost have every console,.q😂 like: a PS4, Xbox ,Xbox one, wii, wii U
Darkness Silence
Greatest warrior of all centuries ➡ *NAGI*
Napsta Blooky
You guys should use the community tab in Youtube so we know what you guys have been up to for the pepole that don't have instagram and twitter
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「面白い動物」あり得ないことをする犬, 猫・おもしろ犬, 猫のハプニング, 失敗集 Our cats get their Christmas presents 2 days ago   11:15

面白い動物 - あり得ないことをする犬, 猫・おもしろ犬, 猫のハプニング, 失敗集
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