How to Make Mobile Charger, 1Amp How To Make Wireless earphone Easily 2 days ago   03:48

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  Important Accessories...
1. 9 Volt Dc Circuit Price Rs = 10
2. IC 7805 Price Rs = 10
3. Charger cable आपके पास कोई भी खराब चार्जर हो उसमे से निकाल लेना।
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Thankyou Dosto 🙏🙏🙏
Navnath Chikhale
In this circuit no isolation, so please don't play with your Life, such circuit suggested where humans interference is not their like led bulbs etc, mobile charger people are using during sleep, children also some times playing with it, so always prefer isolation based charger they may cost but it will save your life...... final descesion is yours
Kiran Shinde
Sir ji android ki battery kaise banaye 4100 ki battery Ko charge karne ke liye power full charger chaiye... Thanks for all the videos good job keep it up
Kumar Khedkar
Ek shodr iron banana Sikhs year
Rajkumar Tapadiya
Video ok but deeply soche tho ek charger only 20 rs mai nahi banta yah charger cost jadha hai fir bhi ok video
Rajesh Sharma
Radio banao without pcb
Gama Parvez
It will going to charge tooooooooooo................ Slow because 3.8 volt is minimum for mobile charging, maximum voltage for mobile charging is 9 volt 😎😎😎
Mast video
Super bhai
Tahseen Ahmed Khan
Super se bhi uper video Sir ji
technical i t e a m s
Mujhe bahut acha lagi
Funnical Ashwin
2 amper ka banana sikhaiye plzzzzzzzz 1amper wale se
Pls tell how to make soldering iron without Cooper wire
gaurav panchal
ABID Technical Pakistan
apna WhatsApp num do yar apki video boht acie ha
How to make 2 in 1 led
Pappu Gupta
aap NE diagrams to dikhay hi nahi kiya components laga hai uska name kiya hai nai
Brown Munda
Kiyaa aap ek esaa power benk banaa sakto ho jo ki mobile ko charge bhi kare aur khud bhi charge ho
Brown Munda
Kiyaa aap ek esaa power benk banaa sakto ho jo ki mobile ko charge bhi kare aur khud bhi charge ho
Sachin S.K
manjot singh
Fake video mobile charger 3.8 v no work 5v work
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How To Make Wireless earphone Easily How to Make Mobile Charger, 1Amp 2 days ago   03:37

Hi guys to make a wireless earphone easily at home.Do not try to do.Hope you guys enjoyed.
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