How To Import Pictures/Videos From iPhone How to transfer photos from iPhone 2 weeks ago   10:09

Jamie Wagner
TUTORIAL- transfer photos from iphone, ipad, ipod to a windows computer Itunes/computer won't recognize iphone when plugged in. Itunes won't recognize my iphone 4, iphone 5, iphone, iphone 3gs, iphone mac, iphone windows 8, iphone 6, recovery mode how to import and upload photos and videos from iphones how to import pictures from iphone to computer transfer photos from iphone to computer.
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How To Transfer Pictures From Windows PC To iPhone 6 -
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Water Pistol Productions
THANK YOU!!!! You had the ONLY video that was comprehensive!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!
Yasota Munusamy
Thank you. Finally. I manage to get my IPhone connected to my Windows laptop when I updated the driver.
Otakar Polak
thank you so much!!!
StrikeR Live
well done dude big thanks!!!!
Rakesh Sahu
Will it work on windows 10 Education n Version, i am not able to connect my iphone 6s to windows 10 laptop ., could you please ping me some option .

It will will be very useful for if can send me any details ..

Thanks in Advances..
The Pesimist
about half of the pictures I transferred have .aae extensions and I can't view them. On the Apple forums they say that .aae extensions mean they were edited on the phone. Any idea how to fix that. Thanks for the video
David Schlotthauer
for reason mine won't let me import.
Rebecca Romig
PLEASE HELP! My iphone isn't allowing me to transfer pictures or videos. It literally only shows like 5 of my HUNDREDS of pictures that are in my phone.
nanduri saneh
i have an issue here i am using iphone 6s and windows 10 pro and i am unable to find the photo aquisition folder is missing what to do now??????
Sahej Batth
THX bro
Param Sathiyarajan
Thank you for the explanations. I have difficulties accessing the files on Iphone?? Have done all you have said but the problem persist. Thanks for yr help.
Barbi Hall
Ur video helped me in so many ways. I can’t begin to thank u enough. There is one thing tho when I opened devise manager I couldn’t find my apple device Could it b under something else?
Dog Lover
THANK YOU SO FREAKIN MUCH this really helped. I tried importing my video and it said there was a problem. So when you said restart your pc, I did. It ended up working. So thank you
Caroline Olivia
I don't have the Photo Acquisition option... :(
Cynthia Malbon
Thanks so much for posting this. I’ve been struggling with this for years. Tried so many other suggestions but they never worked. Very grateful!
Angelina Ruperto
what do you do if you don't see app data? how to do you fix that?
Loany Cruz
what is what you connect to computer
This is why I'm an Android guy, because it's such a pain in the ass to transfer photos and videos from an iPhone. I seriously don't understand why you guys keep buying these phones every year. Like so what if Android doesn't have FaceTime, just download Skype or Oovoo for crying out loud. Not to mention that iPhone doesn't have a micro SD card slot for expandable memory
apple as a device is good, however, managing iphone as a windows or android user is frustrating, no freedom to manage your device, almost everything has to be done online syncing, and importing music is a nightmare.
Sudipta Singha
tried everything,i cant get the photoacquisation option
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How to transfer photos from iPhone How To Import Pictures/Videos From iPhone 2 weeks ago   03:02

How to transfer photos from iPhone to PC. Tips from Click "SHOW MORE" if you experience difficulty making this tip work.

Some of you are not seeing the popup when plugging in your iPhone. See if a flashing Folders icon appears toward the lower left of your screen. Take a look at this screenshot as an example:

For those of you not seeing the pop up try going to My Computer to see if your iPhone appears there. If so, double click on it to view its contents. See this screenshot for what it should look like:

Update: The latest operating system will now require you to tap "Trust this computer" on your iphone before you'll be able to view any images on your PC

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