🇺🇸 Pompeo lays out Trump USS Stennis back in the Persian Gulf 2 days ago   03:47

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has laid out the Trump administrations vision for US policy in the Middle East.

He spoke of the US role in the region as a positive force and of the need to forge strong alliances to contain Iran.

Pompeo repudiated the policies of the Obama era, saying the US had never been the cause of the problems facing the Middle East.

Al Jazeera's Charles Stratford has more.

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Joseph Benning
there shuld keep on
Abduselam Mohammed
If anyone of your neighbour and your enemy at the same time has a nuclear bomb, you have to have it by any means possible.
Mohamed jimale
Iran should blowup Israel once and for roll
TheVirgin Mary420
Yea Iran behave like a nornal country. Bomb iraqi kids with cancer causing chrmicals arm jihadists in Syria shoot planes down with out saying sorry launch coups and drone wedding parties like a normal country
Story Story
It's so sad the whole world view USA as a master of invasion from Mediterranean sea to Atlantic pple are extremely tired about their propaganda..................After Israel defeated Arabs including their aggressions in 1967, the Arab became so scared about Israel thanks for British and American back-up.

Every country should starts building nuclear power together we stop American government interferences.
Melania Trump
Mike Pompeo is a good man and a Patriot. He is doing God's, America's and Donalds work all at the same time. The Middle East has been a mess for over 75 years and only Donald can untie this Gordian Knot!
Dud Adam
Why Arabs waiting for America to solve their problems???
halfis zees
US Initiates as happened everywhere they have failed. Now to finish the incomplete work they want others to intervene. Let Saudis n emiratis do it bcoz they too as chief allies of US wanted it.
New in agenda is Iran but somehow US doesn't do anything to Pakistan, they are the main perpetrators of terrorism in the whole world.
Ended, the Middle East will never have peace, prosperity or any kind of being left alone, as longer as the US and Israel and Saudis runs loose in the Area. The funny part is that the US blames Iran of destabilizing the Middle East when the US, Israel and Saudis do the destabilization very well and better then anyone. Why is the US in the Middle East? Is the Middle East the US
mad world
The problem started when we invaded Iraq and killed Saddam thanks to Bush jr.
king Ali
Obama converts Christan yet kill you too
king Ali
Kill Crown Prince too
king Ali
Kick out Israel idol
Shamsi Shishvan
How can you believe anything American say, which is only hot air, when they break an agreement signed and sealed by the highest officials of that country. Those who donot learn from the past they fall in the same trap it has been dog for them!!
Here we go with the WARMONGERING.
Normal country = bowing down to Israel like a dog. Not going to happen.
Average Guy
Better start behaving like a "normal" country! lol
Aquarius 07
Pompeo wants Arabs to fight Iran ,he wants the M.E to be in fire .
Boqor radio
Pope bombeo will only wast his time
Inez Qtaish
Not trump vision, inez Qtaish vision, inez Qtaish is blessed to see. Reveal the truth, inez is not playing.
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USS Stennis back in the Persian Gulf 🇺🇸 Pompeo lays out Trump 2 days ago   02:49

The USS John C. Stennis is active in the Persian Gulf, helping provide cover for U.S. forces. It's also a show of force to nearby Iran, which deployed vessels in December. Charlie D'Agata reports.

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