Living Off The Grid With NO POWER 11 Years Living Off-Grid in an Earthship 2 days ago   14:25

Here is my off the grid solar power storage consisting of tracking solar panels, charge controllers, batteries and much more!

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P Shinneman
how much did this set up cost you?
Reverse Bite
Damn i wish I was smart enough to pull this off in my home...
gary fletcher
If you know anything about the bible and the end times, there will be no sun !
Jaromir Dub
Single phase with no neutral? NASA technologi?
Dr MacPuffin
Sick bro love it !!
Misanthropia Shall Fall
Switch to lithium and perfect.
It looks to me that both solar panels and energy storage units could be modernized to improve efficiency of the system.
Damian Cairns
"Converting voltage into amperage" Nope, that's not how electricity works, I=P/E. Amps are current.
Paul Becket
now if you could just capture the hydrogen gas so you could burn it to produce more power
Very nice, professional setup, the explanation is much appreciated.
Reading down through the comments it is hard to believe that there are so many complete 'kin idiots alive in the world today.
Michael J
All you need now is a gassifier to make syngas to run your generators or other applications that use fire to heat something.
Nameless Cynic
Can we have some costs please - it is always good to see how much you saved from the grid, or whether you will only break even in 2025.
Heli pilot
Can the inverter power up with out battery power , for example a gen set?
will you put a simple diagram of the setup? Nothing fancy.... It'd be awesome! Thank you.
Daym… You know what you're doing.
space bunny
Now build one for MARS
Tony B. online
How about it? How much did all of this cost?
Robert Dixon
No electric utility but you are paying high, high , high energy costs.
Hao Liu
Man I would pay you to build a light duty one in my house, I don't use much 10kwh tops daily. I think it definitely works better for small homes
Why use the transformer to ramp up to 240v then down to 48v to charge the batteries?
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11 Years Living Off-Grid in an Earthship Living Off The Grid With NO POWER 2 days ago   08:49

Hélène Dubé and her partner Alain Neveu from Es-Cargo ( have lived off-grid in Quebec, Canada for 11 years in a self-built earthship style home made of recycled tires filled with earth and large south-facing windows.

Hélène is giving a workshop on April 1st if you want to check it out:

Hélène donne un atelier le 1er avril intitulé: "Planification d'un rêve, techniques de construction et réglementation." Pour en savoir plus:

Their water is gravity fed from a spring-filled cistern placed up the hill from their home, their power comes from solar energy, and they use a composting outhouse toilet.

For refrigeration, they make their own ice during the winter by freezing water in recycled windshield washer jugs outside, and then they store them in a root cellar inside unplugged chest freezers insulated with sawdust. They manage to keep their food cold with these homemade ice blocks from January to July, and then they get ice blocks from a neighbour.

For hot water they use approximately 200 lbs of propane each year.

For heat they have a homemade rocket stove that is an efficient way to burn wood, and they also use it as a cooktop in the winter.

They would eventually like to be self sufficient in their food production and have gardens, hens, and they've begun to build an aquaponic system as well. But they do find that growing all of their own food, running workshops, and staying on top of all their other projects to be an incredible amount of work for just two people.

They're hoping to attract more people to the property to form a small community of inspired and like-minded permaculture enthusiasts.

To learn more about Hélène and Alain's off-grid lifestyle and about any upcoming projects and workshops, you can check out their website and follow them on Facebook:


Their posts are in French but they both speak French and English.

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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