How Juul Became A $15 Billion Giant Juuling: What is the trendy vape 1 day ago   10:20

Juul Labs has rapidly overtaken the U.S. e-cigarette market. In the past year, sales have skyrocketed nearly 800 percent and Juul is now valued at more than $15 billion. But the company faces lawsuits and FDA regulation, and its popularity among teens could threaten its future. CNBC gets a rare look inside Juul Labs and talks to the founders, James Monsees and Adam Bowen, to hear how the company is facing its challenges while trying to eliminate cigarettes from the face of the Earth.

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How Juul Became A $15 Billion Giant | CNBC

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Alexey Bobko
One thing , which is good is that there is no second hand smoking
juul is so bad, it has many different types of flavours it's just like a candy cig. *buys sub ohm vape mod instead where there are a million different types of flavours.
Omg of they come out with a software that tracks and monitors my juuling that would be amazing!!
Katt Fan
Lovely guys, I would definitely support them, and buy their products. And i liked that they owned up to their mistakes. We don't have them in shops yet, so I can't wait to see,vapers have helped me to stop smoking after 15yrs. I started smoking cigarettes when i was 13, and because it was cool to do so, kids are gonna do what they want to do, if it's not JUUL, it will be another company. We just need more research on this, mean time leave these companies alone, non smokers don't see how much these helps smokers and people around them.
nik kanellos
Yo what juice has benzoic acid in it lmao wtf
john feher
dobbel moral ;-(
Abraham Lincoln
zack rogers
OG Nick @4:55
basically make smoking cool with cool looking tool = success
Nicknacks Nicknacks
JUUL hits the hardest of all e-cigs because the battery and pod system is great together. I make my own e-juice with less nicotine to fill in JUUL pods or compatible pods. Thank you JUUL.
The life of nick
One word highschool and some middel schoolers ok more the one word
The life of nick
Derek Michael
In the first round up funding/investing. Atrial group a conglomerate owned by Malboro or Phillip morris invested like 10 billion. The whole 15 billion dollar net worth is in relation to this final investment amount. Very misleading IMHO.
Nanda Kishore
Soon JUUL will become verb worldwide for sure.
Kimo The cat
I don't smoke anymore but I now vape about half a pod or around 0.4ml of nic salt every day but now that I don't smoke my blood pressure is healthy again and I have lost 30 pounds because of increased energy and I just feel way better now. No smoke no tar no added deadly chems
Iroquois Plissken
How about parents watch their kids and we let smokers have this one?
these guys ruin kids lives lol
Drugz and Medicines
fake ... just another money laundering scam
Ketchup Jesus
Oh nick is the goat
Collin Hanlin
"teen vaping warning" hahaa cracks me up every time
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Juuling: What is the trendy vape How Juul Became A $15 Billion Giant 1 day ago   08:16

Juuling derives from Juul, a popular vaping device that heats up liquid nicotine that users inhale.

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