USA downgrades diplomatic status of the European The Truth About The EU "BREXIT" Illuminati, 2 days ago   02:51

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Diplomatic relations between the EU and the US take another bump after the Trump Administration downgraded the status of Brussels' diplomatic mission in Washington. This step is seen as a slap in the face for Europe. The move appears to be in line with Donald Trump's long-running opposition to the European Union and other international bodies.

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john rawlins
Terrific trump thank God for you from harlston norfolk England
Yul Hubbart
The EU has been downgrading itself for decades, it was just finally called out and treated accordingly.
Toraguchi Toraguchi
The EU is not even a nation. Don't treat it like one.
The EU is a poop hole that tramples the rights of people that yearn to be sovereign. Brussels is the new Third Reich.
Ben Jacobs
Why so much love for Trump after hearing that he only replaced the swamp rather than drain it?

Have people actually paid any attention at all to the number of his associates who have turned on him since winning the election? None are irrelvant to his actual character, even if they might be irrelevant to the Russia probe (which still doesn't seem to be going well for him)
Ben Jacobs
As if the USA have ever been diplomatic....

Murder a bunch of Muslims in wars not condoned by the people? Not something Europe is acutually accusable of, is it polarised Trumptards? ;)
Luke Sky
The EU shouldn't even have a status.
Ivan Patrick
All globalists should be hung ,starting with soy boy ,head of every gay parade he can make it to,justine trudeau
The EU isn't a country, why does it act like one? But look how the EU has acted with Trump, the EU is pushing global socialist views which is opposite of what the US stands for.
Dallas Tx
Our President that we elected has shook the world....they say our Prez slapped them in the face ? Wrong ..Americans slapped them in their face..Americans go our own way!! For now and Forever! We dont want unelected foreigners telling US how to run our country ...
Dane Ryan
Good actual countries should have or evidence over an organization that has no business being anything other than an economic federation.
Mike Aldila
Absolutely PRICELESS!!! Trump taking no sh1t from the EU CLIQUE!! Finally getting their comeuppance and not a day too soon!!! And .....not even bothering to tell the CLIQUE and totally disrespecting them.... HILARIOUS!! Take that Midget Macron and Frau Merkel.....
Charles Smith
The Eu is not a state it’s a political dictatorship trying to destroy nation states just like they are trying to destroy America 👍🏻🇬🇧🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸👍🏻🍺🇬🇧
Nixon Degey
This is just warning lessons to leftist individual/group politician with their supporter person/ppl/msm with your foolish radical ideology policies that u create and imposing/force to the society who will effected/impacting their daily basis livelyhood don't u ever do that if u do not want to face/feel the entire ppl in society/country wrath/anger and brutal judgement, the most obvious examples and events that you can see and learn are what happened in FRANCE.
Mergrew 01
The leader of the EU is not elected by the people, he has no status and should be treated as such. The whole of Europe seem to have forgotten that they would be speaking either German or Russian were it not for the UK and the USA.
Nixon Degey
Downgrades the EU? EU that downgrades their own ppl voice by not listening to their ppl...Tick...Tock...Tick...Tock...Tick...Tock...whn the voice of the ppl getting oppressed and discarded by their own politician in the government will fight back and exploding by hunting u down, the individual leftist person/ppl and seek retribution/payment frm your own foolish/stupid radical ideology thinking in rule/regulation & law that u creating who will bring chaos/disaster for society/community/culture. The ppl who always using commonsense and live experience as their education teacher/mentor as a basis to think it's not stupid even their not attending/graduating frm college/university. So becarefull whn u creating something that someday/near the future will hunt u back.
MSW 2015
Thank you USA we are being shafted by our government and the EU. MAGA MBGA Long live President Trump and Tucker Carlson.
I want my country back.Dismantle EU.
Mircea Pintelie
the Russian stooge working for the master
Han Solo
The EU was a poor attempt at creating a "country" bigger and better than the good ol' USA. Unfortunately for Europe, GOD broke the mold after he made that country.
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The Truth About The EU "BREXIT" Illuminati, USA downgrades diplomatic status of the European 2 days ago   16:43

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