The Engineering Challenges of Renewable Energy: The Truth about Hydrogen 2 days ago   11:32

This week we are looking at renewable energy sources and why we need them. We’ll explore hydropower, wind, geothermal, and solar power, as well as some of the challenges, and how engineers are working to make their use more widespread.

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not 1/2 century, 1/4
Hi guys. I was working control for the England V Columbia game and this weekend we dealt with just less than 50% renewables on the GB system. Any questions about how we manage renewables on the system let me know. Geography, asynchronous machines etc.

Else if people want more I suggest a free download of MacKay's Sustainable Energy Without the Hotair.
Kyle Vining
Um maybe you should mention how cheap solar energy has gotten in the last decade?
Loui Coleman
It’s actually already possible with solar + batteries. The challenge is just to scale up and reduce costs.
Nuclear and CCS is the only solution while we wait for renewables to scale up.
Mohammad Juma
@ 1:40 a wind turbine used by mistake when you was talking about steam engine. Use steam turbine animation would be better
Who is this speaker? You never show her name or why we should be listening to what she says. Please include the name and title/field of work your presenters are in if you want them to have any credibility. For all we know, as the audience, you could have just picked up this good lookin' brown girl off the street because it would attract more views. Obviously I'm sure that's not the case and I imagine she's an engineer of some discipline, but those new to the channel don't know who she is.
Ansh Agarwal
We need dyson sphere
Rahsaan Footman
Has CC covered storage and transmission of power? I remember as a teen wondering why batteries weren't used. It wasn't until college that i learned that isn't just about generating power but also the voltage and amperage. (How much and how strong the electrical power coming to you) In this is a Crash Course, but those things play a big part in power generation.
surkew RASOUL
NUCLEAR FUSION GUYS ...its the most difficult to make i know but it seems to worth it because of what it can do for us in the long term
Celina K
Monopolies, patents, planned obsolescence
Vlad Nesas
"the power of the sun.. in the palm of my hand"
Zach Burt
Your very clear bias against non-renewables is ironic given the large number of plastic products in your background.
Looking forward to the hydrogen episode. ^^
Jamie Bunnell
@CrashCourse check your facts at 8:00. Solar is not x3 to x6 times more expensive than fossil fuels! The cost of Solar has fallen so much in the last 10 years that it is CHEAPER than Coal! This has been the case for a very long time now and is continuing to get cheaper.
Nelson Swanberg
Solar can't feed directly into the grid; inverters hardly have perfect efficiency and play havoc with grid power quality. Better to use solar collectors, hydro, wind, geo and nuclear in concert rather than bandwagoning on a technology that is far from ideal for most of the world. I, for one, would rather save my semiconductors.
potato psoas
Solar is much cheaper because there are no moving parts. The sun does all the work for us.
Matthew Jacobs
I MAKE POWER for a living and as this is an informative video, it misses a lot of big points and because of that is misleading.......
1. biomass is not mentioned once however its a huge renewable provider and a sustainable one at that
2. trash burning power plants aren't once mentioned however it is actually the largest contributor to the 11% figure of renewables on the grid (they consider trash a renewable fuel source, go figure)
                 these two are the biggest contributors to the mere 11% of power produced however they're not mentioned once.  and the figures given for solar contribution are completely false


3. RENEWABLE ENERGY IS HEAVILY SUBSIDIZED TO APPEAR TO BE SUSTAINABLE.  TAX DOLLARS PROP UP RENEWABLE ENERGY MARKETS WITH "RENEWABLE ENERGY CREDITS" these are bought sold and traded but paid for by taxpayers.  big corporate knows this and chases the tax monies that are awarded for renewable power produced. 

EXAMPLE------ so your a solar farm owner.... you produce 1mw of power an hour, local government gives you a credit for making that megawatt..... as more solar fields and windmills and other subsidized renewable sources are constructed, the renewable credit (only thing making renewable profitable) is worth less and less because theres more and more hands in the honeypot.  these renewable producers shut down or go out of business without subsidization.  so the only thing keeping renewable in business is YOUR TAX DOLLARS.  renewable sources cannot compete with traditional fossil fuel plants because they do not and will not produce enough to be self sustaining. 

GOVERNMENT ALSO SUBSIDIZES THE CONSTRUCTION OF RENEWABLES.  if your a company building windmills or solar panels (in china) the US government sends you a check to do so.  if your a company that buys the stuff from china, the US government give ya a rebate too.  so renewables are based on fictitious numbers.  even with the heavy handicaps given to renewable its still highly unsustainable.

  don't even get me started on the carbon footprint associated with the construction of these things.  the sad truth is that natural gas fired gas turbines are and will be the most efficient way of turning a generator for all of our lifetimes.  if you play games with numbers and throw money at renewables it still doesn't even come close to what can be produced by natural gas.  we have a abundance of this fuel and they find more of it all the time despite what is said in the videos.  our world is becoming more and more efficient and the answer isn't in a totally renewable world.  the answer is a harmony of renewable and highly efficient fossil fuel plants,  that with an overall lower demand caused by more efficient appliances and energy saving measures in homes and industry we will sustain the human race for as long as we live on this planet.  don't scare yourself with the hype.  if anyone wants to learn more feel free to dm me
I like that she said, 'football' instead of 'soccer'. That is a rare thing in a predominantly american media.
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The Truth about Hydrogen The Engineering Challenges of Renewable Energy: 2 days ago   14:58

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Errors: I made an off hand comment about adding efficiencies in the video without thinking. This is obviously incorrect, but the final calculation does in fact multiply the efficiencies.


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