Forcing Troops out of Crimea: Russian Getting Stuck on a Ukrainian Battleship: 1 day ago   14:17

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Earlier this week, Ukraine's government finally grasped reality and ordered its troops out of Crimea. But by the time of the evacuation order, Russia's military had already started booting Ukrainian troops from their bases or getting them to switch sides. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky met with Ukrainian Marines in Feodosia as they decided whether to remain loyal to their country or break their oath of allegiance to stay with their families in Crimea.

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aniket oza
This reporter is shit headed he is pro Obama
Matt Howard
Russia ran off with out a shot fired lol
One Out Rajus
Hey Vice, if no one has ever told you, you're hiding the English translation in every video with the other language.
This is an invasion where did the people get military ant-itank and explosives. And why are the "pro Russia Ukrainian civilians" wearing Russian uniforms and masks. Long live Ukraine and freedom to it's people.
Anton Rodionov
До чего людеи довели. Мой дед был русским, а бабушка - украинка. Кошмар что творится!!!
Harish s
This channel is corrupt Western propagandist. Only shows demons tears.
Joshua Lance
I don't see why people say that this is not Russia's fault the only reason they took it was Ukraine wanted independence from Russia and was going to join nato
Victor Seidlertz
I am so pissed off hearing of these self defense assholes who have no authority what so ever. The Ukraine soldiers just allowed this to happen if you wanted to keep your country fight! These so called self defense asshole should be shot they have no authority! Restore Authority they want to play soldier well they can have it 6 feet under!
Ben Pavich
Go Putin, enough Israeli destruction on this planet via American aggression.
Marc Sander
thats bad, more then most expect it to be, i know about high tech of earths armies these days, well i know whats there to be known freely, but thats more then enough to know that those soldiers have not been released without being put to use for russia one way or another.
warlock outcast
I was born in St. Petersburg but I was adopted and raised in the US and I honestly support the Ukrainian people and its amazing to see how much we take for granted in the US and compare it with what is happening in Ukraine
Jibo jibo
Russia , the great. Integrate the Eastern Ukraine too n then crush the western puppet .
Soooo, that worked out well then. Russia made us look like cunts.
Uganda Masud
it's really shame Too Hand over home land without any fight , i never left my homeland i fight for my land until my death.. Shame Ukraine Soldiers Shame too u.!!
Алик Ростов
Настоящие херои. Сам боевой пидар Ляшко сказал
American exceptionazism
ukriane is Russia
Nice. Ukraine is Russia.
Máke Makena
At least the Ukranians seem pretty cool...
Are we supposed to believe all this crap? The guy on the phone and the silly propaganda... Vice it's utmost #FakeNews
Daniel W.
Thanks Vice News for doing a great job
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Getting Stuck on a Ukrainian Battleship: Forcing Troops out of Crimea: Russian 1 day ago   11:51

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The blockade by Russia of Ukrainian military installations in Crimea continues. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky spoke with families of personnel barricaded inside, who complained about the difficulty of getting food past the pro-Russian protesters outside. Russia's supporters explained why they want Crimea to separate from Ukraine, and Simon negotiated his way through a Russian checkpoint to interview an officer on the Slavutych, a Ukrainian battleship stuck in the harbor of Sevastopol.

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