Far-right Wrong: Neo Nazi mob abuses Ukrainian cafe glorifies anti-Soviet 2 days ago   04:14

It was a day of remembrance that turned violent. In Western Ukraine, nationalists attacked veterans and their relatives on Victory Day. People wearing St George ribbons to commemorate World War Two, had them ripped off their clothing, before riot police fought pitched battles with neo-Nazis. RT's Aleksey Yaroshevsky witnessed the events.
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Sasha Konstantynov
russia today propaganda
No Name
vinicius Santana
Glory to ukraine! Death to communists!
Cody Shi
How there they! The veterans risk their neck fighting for their nation and this is what they get in return a beating by the people whom they protected.
Adam S
Bunch of Nazis protesting against the Soviets is just one extreme to another....
Erik_lone_wolf Snip
Yes indeed the soviets were far worse than germans...and I feel disgusted by those neo communists scums
Can Adolf Hitler get 6 gorillion subs?
I don’t blame them
Leo Antonio
Disgusting fucking white supremacist attacking elderly veterans.
A.S.E Taboo
America , EU , NATO support these Fascist, Nazi Ukrops .................Russia should wipe them out
Tactical Droid
No matter on whose side you are on, you must respect those who shed their blood in war for their country! Shame on the insurgents!
peter R
They are real "heroes", these fucking barbaric nazi morons who attack old veterans, women. Such "bravery" is unprecedented when the victims, the elderly, are not physically able to defend themselves. Wait thill these little bastards go to fight against the Home Defense of Donbass! These bastards will get their asses handed to them!
HitlerWasRight 14/88
fuck the reds they should bulldoze that grave yard
Ben Adam775
RT always seems to leave out the fact that the USSR was extremely harsh to the Ukraine. The Holodomor in 1932-33 when Stalin starved 7 million Ukrainians to death and the Great Purges in 1937-38 when Stalin killed at least another million! I don't agree with the neo nazism, but I understand their hatred to the Russians is justifiable!
Leonardo Lopez
Poor Russian fucking neo nazi scam.
Leonardo Lopez
Poor Russian nazi scam.
Justin B
I think old comerads getting together to remeber past days is just as relevant for former Wehrmacht or SS men as for any other body of military men who have suffered through war. I don't believe SS unit reunions, for example, mean that they're agitating for a return to old idealogies. They are old and for the most part, I believe, wiser men given the experiences that they have lived and, granted, many of those men probably feel a certain pride for their units. Surprise, surprise and I don't begrudge them that. It always strikes me as pathetic whenever the inference of modern day "Nazism" is made when commenting on such gatherings and then the inevitable moral judgments are so assuredly pronounced upon them. It was their misfortune to have been born on the wrong side at that time in history and I can only wonder what would I have done in their place and be grateful for my own good fortune to be born and to approach half a century without knowing war or even slight hardship for that matter? It's the young and ignorant thugs that are more of a worry today not the old soldiers, the real men.
Hatred towards Russia and its politics caused this nonsense towards WWII Ukranian vets who fought alongside Soviets.
Keilla Sellay
Fuck the soviets bolshevik scum!
Soviet vets are war criminals!
Death to the genocidal "Red Army"! Death to Bolshevism! *Most of all, death to Zionism!*
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Ukrainian cafe glorifies anti-Soviet Far-right Wrong: Neo Nazi mob abuses 2 days ago   01:18

The western city of Lviv is the heartland of Ukrainian nationalism. You won't find many supporters of Moscow there. Many locals have become regulars at a nationalist cafe which glorifies the anti-Soviet Ukrainian Insurgent Army. More than a cafe, the hideout is a little museum where fun is poked at Russians.

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