Kiev, Ukraine: Europe's Greatest Meeting Pakistani Hindu Refugees 1 day ago   19:45

Harald Baldr
■ Kiev, Ukraine's capital, has seen more hardship over the past 100 years than any other city in Europe. Yet the city still stands proud on both sides of the banks of the river Dnipro.

For the past 45 days I've been studying Russian here. This film shows are some of the amazing people I've met and things I've seen over that period.

From hardworking normal citizens to great tourist attractions. From the sublime beaches along the river Dnipro to fantastic church art. These clips hopefully serves to give people and impression of what Kiev is truly like.

Kiev is paradise on earth during both summer and winter in terms of the open green spaces scattered all over the city. Towards the end of this film I go through some of the tragic history Kiev have suffered through and explain why this place deserves the title as Europe's greatest city.

As I did in my last movie I encourage people to visit Kiev or Ukraine for a holiday and spend money in the economy. Since then I've had my parents visit and they absolutely loved the city. They thought it was safe, beautiful and an extremely interesting part of Europe to wander around and explore in.

For first time visitors I recommend the Hotel Ukraina on Kreschatyk street. It's an old classic Soviet style hotel and used to be the most expensive hotel in Kiev during the days of the Soviet Union. The rooms are relatively modern and offer great value for money. The location of the hotel is also sublime.

As for time of year to visit Kiev, personally I love the winters when the city is covered in a thick layer of snow. If you can't handle minus 20 Celsius though, Ukraine's warmest months are June and July.


All Violin Music: romian.official (that's their instagram account)

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Großmeister B
Летом приедем с Германии в гости!
Dorothy McIntyre
Clubs have beautiful ladies but seem dead af...
cheap whores
Woody Woodlstein
Maybe I should apologize to god once in a while. Excellent video. Harold. I just watched a video from 16. You summarize your remarkable videos for good and bad.
You are right. Great production value. Great intro. Very pro. Very creative.
Charles Rast, Jr
But we can't go nuclear cuz these a beautiful people are over there there is the other option
Charles Rast, Jr
Ukraine was heaven till Satan showed up 🐅 let's help out Trump Russia just a paper 🐅
Ed Tuzzi
Harald You gave most beautiful reason for these Great people and what they went thru in their city in History this should required view in school. Thank You for post!
Algerian Warrior_ المحارب الجزائري
Veryyy clean country . Love it
Spartan Covenant
Europe is for Europeans.
justin valdez
I’ll be there soon
Souvik Biswas
I love these girls.
Владимир векленко
Thank you for your words
Pob Parkor
I'm visting Kiev and Ukraine in April 2019 - very excited!
Harald as a fellow Ukrainian i feel as you showed the true colors of Ukraine the beauty of the country is truly shown in this video, love from ukraine 🇺🇦
Greatest city, what a fucking joke. 😂😂
Harald nobody gives a Frenchman’s fuck about the art museums and all that shit..... we want tits and ass and nightlife please
Josue Azcarate
I’ve been to that exact пузата хата when I was there! 😁
yellow cat
Bu kadar çok salağın bir arada olduğu başka bir yer yoktur
Nick Neym
Julia Smith
Thanks a bunch. :D
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Meeting Pakistani Hindu Refugees Kiev, Ukraine: Europe's Greatest 1 day ago   17:48

🇮🇳 I heard that in the north of Delhi was a camp that was set up for Hindu refugees that had fled persecution in Pakistan and so I headed there to see how their lives were progressing. As it turned out, not too well 😔

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