Renewable Energy in Australia, 60 Minutes, Unbelievable! China Surpasses USA in Renewable 3 weeks ago   21:20

Touched by the Morwell Fire

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Paul horneto
This is a fake story, Australian's leccy bill is about the same as the UK. 15 to 20p per KWH.  Not cheap but common with the stale rolls for lunch.
john estock
OK, it's been a year and Musk promised he would have the system running in 100 days. How many Australians have seen any reduction in their power bills?
Track Record
If we have failed liz hays say we have failed to deliver a cost effective service it could because people are wanting change in so many areas politicians take they eyes off the ball and forget about changing in areas to help every single Australian like the energy crisis
Troy Hutchinson
Biggest problem in Australia are individuals like Scott Morrison ((scoffing at a proposed solution)) and Josh Frydenberg ((His parties solution a predicted saving of a shitty $5 a week saving said with a straight face))... Australia is the worlds richest mineral deposit on earth with only 30mill mouths too feed... The scarcity is no accident, it's being artificially created, trust me!
Chris Moran
Still waiting on my Model 3 asshole
Tyler O'Connell
What a moronic comment made by Scott Morrison @5:06 (This gentleman is now our PM... scary)
@Scott Morrison please Google and read some basics on FCAS (Frequency Control Ancillary Services)
The battery saved consumers $35 million in 4 months!
Once again Australia has the chance to lead the world in a new industry, but the old Fossil Politicians of this country will hold us back!!
100MW is 100,000,000 watts, divided by 22kw daily per house is 4,545 homes with high power demand, 9,090 homes if they keep power draw to medium or 20,000 homes with minimum power draw, like a couple, I wish the Goverment could understand that some people MUST have power like those with medical equipment.
7:42 "perhaps i'll get a miserable 50 cents a week" "that's just a labor party distraction and distortion, the average household will save up to $115 a year" Oh, so it's not an average of 50 cents a week it is a maximum of $2.70 a week with an average of 50 cents a week, Labor really are distorting the facts.
Liberal making fun of big battery.... Battery has already paid for itself, lowered power bills and stabilized grid, liberal stand by their claim...
Jaison Pattuvelil
Energy is the key source of every income. Adequate energy in low cost. Make it happen all over Australia 🇦🇺.
Major Pando
Absolute rubbish climate change is one big con job for states and territories to cough up millions for renewables to meet bogus targets.
Tes Tos
While on special assignments overseas I got to visit Australia, beautiful country, nice people, I really enjoyed my stay there made many friends, watching this video breaks my hearth, Elon is a genius he can see where the future if going and have the ability to do his share to make it better for many of us if others would do their share we could resolve this problem. I have a PV system, and my bill went down to almost nothing and it won't change for the next 25 years, that is the potential and the opportunity that is there for all of us. Get the right politicians in place and make them do their job. The Australians deserve better, with just a fraction of the amount you pay for electricity monthly I was able to get a PV system installed in my house and still save money.
All you mates down under should invite him back, he is installing high speed tunnels around the world at no cost to the governments.
David G
I came across some videos on a hydrogen based breakthrough energy technology by a company in your part of the world called H2IL I think some multi-billionaire down under need to snatch it up and solve Australians energy problem. I have viewed their P.O.C demo videos and it looks legit.
Colin Connelly
Frydenberg you fucking idiot. Go play with your toys in a corner somewhere.
vincent fong
Australian politicans are ignorant. The commom folks are bearing the consequence. They should hire elon to be their consultant and get it fixed.
Jayeeta Ghosh
Musk's renewable world
The fat guy with the beard does not look like he is missing any meals.
greg fisher
Morrisom by all means have the worlds biggest battery- biggest banana- biggest pawn
No SCOTT we dont need them we have you the worlds bigggest fool
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Unbelievable! China Surpasses USA in Renewable Renewable Energy in Australia, 60 Minutes, 3 weeks ago   13:13

China Becomes World's Largest Solar Power Producer.
Amit Ronen of GW Solar Institute talks about solar energy in China.
Tyson Slocum on renewable energy in China.
INDIA & CHINA surpasses USA on Renewable Energy.
Report finds China surpasses US in renewable energy consumption.
While U.S. moves toward coal, China betting big on solar.

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