The Government Shutdown Is Turning Prison PROOF Federal Workers Do Not Support 1 day ago   06:36

FRESNO, Calif. — Aaron McGlothin, 43, works as a corrections officer at the federal prison in Mendota, California. He’s had a decades-long, stable career in corrections. But with no paycheck in sight due to the government shutdown, he’s started driving for Uber to help make ends meet.

“It can be a little embarrassing,” he told VICE News while driving around Fresno in the rain on Saturday, looking for rides. “The embarrassing thing is, it's like, well — you have a job, you know? And then when people see this they're going to realize that, well heck yeah you got a job, but you're not getting paid.”

It’s a slow day, and after two hours Ubering McGlothin makes less than $10 — but at this point, anything’s worth it.

“I live paycheck to paycheck,” he said. “I've got to have food on my table. I've got to have gas in my tank to get to and from work because I'm not getting paid. I've got to have heat, gotta have my lights on. I've got to have my electricity on.”

McGlothin is one of 40,000 Federal Bureau of Prisons staffers nationwide, most of whom were deemed “essential” and therefore required to work without pay until the shutdown ends. Bureau staffers say they’re already dealing with low morale after years of cutbacks in their prisons, meaning more inmates with fewer guards and gear they worry is inadequate to protect them.

And now they’re working without knowing when they’ll get paid.

“Everybody's scared. They don't know what the hell's going on because this is different than 2013. We all went through the 2013 shutdown and it was 16 days,” McGlothin said. “There was a different sense in Washington. They wanted to reopen. There's not that sense right now.”

The uncertainty means that some employees are having to forego child support payments, leave healthcare bills unpaid and choosing between putting food on the table or enough gas in their tanks to go to work. And John Kostelnik, a local union president at the federal prison complex in Victorville, Calif., says he’s worried about the mental toll the stress may take on his workers.

“You walk behind these prison walls and deal with the worst of the worst. See some things you never want to see in your entire life,” he said.

“My staff are dealing with a lot of issues, and this is just weighing down on them even further. And that's one of my biggest fears — is that this is going to drive somebody over that over that line and something bad is going to happen.”

Kostelnik said that in the last two years two employees in the Victorville have committed suicide.

Kostelnik and McGlothin said they disagree with Trump's insistence that federal workers support his standoff with Democrats over funding for the border wall. And Edward Canelas, a veteran and union leader at a federal prison in Dublin, Calif., who voted for Trump in 2016 said he was "very insulted" by the president's comments.

"You said ‘I'm going to take care of them veterans and I'm going to take care of law enforcement.’ I haven't seen it. With all due respect to the president of United States, I have not seen it."

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“My staff are dealing with a lot of issues, and this is just weighing down on them even further. And that's one of my biggest fears — is that this is going to drive somebody over that over that line and something bad is going to happen.”
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Brandon Morgan
left wont let trump have his wall but the right let obama have his failure obama care

Shouldnt have a goverment job anyway.
Ayesha Qureshi
Look who is crying now... tell that to the immigrants who works their butts of and pay taxes but still don’t make enough money...
Shav V
Don't feel bad
Azfar Thakur
What pride you came out of sperm something most of us grossed out won't touch it and traveled through urine passage twice. So take it easy and be nice to everyone n be humble.
Leonardo Bermudez
This is entitlement at its finest, if youre gonna go into the military please dont go with the mentality that this country owes you, thats why its called volunteer, you don't volunteer somewhere and then throw it in their face later, smh, y'all voted for him MAGA right? 😂
Paully Castallano
At the time of this video they barely even missed a check wtf poor money management is nobody’s fault but his own
Md Jaafar electro Suhaimi
Wall is not history.
Md Jaafar electro Suhaimi
Most powerful country is going down from Inside..better do something.
Lol Karma when you vote for Trump.
D Hill
Welcome to the real world
Trump supporters jaja he shouldnt even ask congress for money. I though he was going ask Mexico for a one time check for 5 billion dollars. How is a guy thats been exploding the working man going to give a shit about us.
chechote why we gotta stand at homedepot
Acceptance and ten toes down
The amount of money it would cost just to maintain a wall as high and as long as they proposed is just ridiculous. It will just get abandoned or half built and turn out to be a colossal waste of money.
Yeahhhhh you voted for him soOoOooOoOoO
Remember growing up and ppl thinking a federal job was the most stable.
M Munroe
This is where Dave Ramsey comes into his own with 'The Total Money Makeover'. If you have been following his plan for a while you will have saved enough to cover bills for three to six months.
The writing was on the wall when this clown in the white house said he was bringing coal miner jobs back! Really????? Coal??? This was never a race issue! He could give a shit less about you blue collar working white boys! This was always about rich folks getting richer and poor folks getting a stick to bite on for healthcare! If you morons vote for this clown a second term, may you get more of this and then some! You may have not liked Hillary, but your ass would be receiving a paycheck and feeding your families by now, instead of worry about some fuckin' mexicans crossing the goddamn border! And for your information, if an illegal wants to get in this fucking country like they always have, they can just dig another El Chapo tunnel!
DonkeyLips McGee
My life hasn't been inconvenienced at all. Shut it down for good.
Damn! Way to shit on uber drivers. I drive uber in addition to my full-time job and I don't feel less than because of it. There's no shame in working for your money sir. Ever!
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PROOF Federal Workers Do Not Support The Government Shutdown Is Turning Prison 1 day ago   05:14

ACTUAL federal workers paint a very different picture as to how they’re taking the shutdown. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. More TYT:

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"He may or may not truly be a billionaire, but it’s common knowledge that Donald Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

A massive New York Times expose last October found that by the time he was three, Trump was earning about $200,000 per year from his father’s real estate empire. He was a millionaire by age eight.

So the president raised more than a few eyebrows Sunday, when in answer to a reporter’s question, he said he can 'relate' to federal workers struggling to make ends meet as a partial government shutdown drags into a third week.

'Can you relate to the pain of federal workers who can’t pay their bills?' shouted one reporter, as a scrum of journalists gathered outside the White House and peppered Trump with questions."

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