Breaking: Ukraine Seeks Urgent BREAKING: CANADA and U.S. Slams 2 days ago   10:15

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Breaking: Ukraine Seeks Urgent NATO's Support As It Readies To Confront Russia

Russia’s recent action on Ukrainian naval vessels will likely top the agenda at a NATO meeting this week as the alliance searches for a robust response in the wake of the Kremlin’s latest act of aggression on Europe’s borders.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is scheduled to join other foreign ministers for the two-day meeting in Brussels starting Tuesday, where American demands for more military spending from NATO allies will also be discussed.

Kyiv has warned the likelihood of an all-out war with its neighbor is dangerously high after Russia fired on its vessels last week in the Azov Sea and detained several Ukrainian naval personnel. Moscow has blamed Ukraine for what it called a ‘provocation.’

Attending a ceremony to mark the acquisition of new military hardware Saturday, Ukraine’s president urged allies to step forward.

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Nobody messes with the big bear 🐻
Rigoberto Garza
They’re are Americas Brothers
Andre Cole
Grimm nukem
Nato should stay out of it..seems they wont defend themself..just keep giving up their weapons and now their navy..why should nato troops die to help them..something doesnt add up
The Revenant
Taking on Russia!!!! Are you kidding me????!! It will be a massacre 😮
The Kuntilanak
when the nuclear war began, I hope metallica wants to stay in my country ... because of the possibility that us, Europe and Russia will be destroyed and the land cannot be inhabited for several years ... hail james, hail kirk, hail lars and hail robert, long live metallica!!!
Listen Down
Isn’t this an old video
Анастасія Тертична
Ukraine need nukes. And will have it!
imnotur slave
QUICK! send our troops on Ukraine (for the plan is taking its effect slowly but surely).
Judah Clough
Life is so funny they find money to war but but look how much people are suffering world wide the soldiers should put down arms and have the world leaders fight their own battle in a ring
Robert the great
This is the EU problem NOT North America problem no more fighting for Europeans
Soviet Chicken
Ukraine is part of nato which means it can ask allied forces such as America for support in a war. The Great Britain asked for help against Germany in ww2 and ww1 from commonwealth countries this is like that here America doesn’t even need to join in just supply Ukraine with stuff
Countries to watch poor countries that do alot of trade with Russia China Iran and north Korea and reprsentives from that come from these countries to tech and military weapons and if they are being tech trained there and how long development is taking to new tech at time and if the could not advance intil that point against the tech and time of advancement to finish make chart and timetable of tech already made now not when it happens also of tech stolen and time of advancement if stolen tech also tech key spend alot of money on how to take over enemy tech this will give usa future advantage in war also spend the same amount on coding tech blocking signals not enough must be able take over system of enemies such as changing enemy missle direction in flight and locking them a virus that destroys communication after direction is changed
Clorox Bleach
Ukraine president idiot
Do not trust Ukraine Russia knows that Ukraine is a position that Russia does not want the UN it's also a place were Russia can spy on USA tech beingbpart of NATO also to test fighting skills against NATO weapons and to improve Russian tech
Juliano Colagiovanni
Russia fears NATO because they know NATO would win
Boere plaas
You can get as much help from around the world as you want you will still not be able to fuck with Russia. They will play with all .
Charles Frogg
These fools cannot be serious. The US and NATO will love to see a war but they will then run away and leave the Ukraine to it's fate. The Ukrainian ships seized were in the Black sea not the Sea of Azov.
Balanced Wellness
I love the music 💕
Cody Jay
"I will not send American boys, thousands of miles away from home, to fight a war Ukrainian boys should be fighting themselves."
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BREAKING: CANADA and U.S. Slams Breaking: Ukraine Seeks Urgent 2 days ago   14:26

"The unlawful detention of two Canadian citizens is unacceptable. They ought to be returned,"

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said today that two Canadian citizens being held in China are being unlawfully detained and should be returned to Canada.

during a joint press conference with Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, U.S. Secretary of Defence James Mattis and Minister of Defence Harjit Sajjin. Pompeo also pledged to work to ensure the Canadians' safe return.

"The United States has stood for that whether they are our citizens, or citizens of other countries. We ask all nations of the world to treat other citizens properly and the detention of these two Canadian citizens in China ought to end."

Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig were detained by China on Monday over what the Beijing News, a state-run Chinese newspaper, described as suspicion of engagement in activities that endanger China's state security.

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