These Scientists Just Got Sworn Forced to work without pay at the TSA 1 day ago   04:11

During the 2018 midterm elections, the advocacy group 314 Action made it its mission to get people with STEM backgrounds to run for Congress. Now, nine of the 13 candidates they endorsed have taken the oath of office, including Kim Schrier, who officially became the only woman doctor in Congress on Thursday.

VICE News' Arielle Duhaime-Ross went to Washington and spoke with a few of Congress’ newest nerds.

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Nigel Palmer
I think it may be better to get ppl elected who can't afford healthcare they are the ppl who know what living in the USA is like. As for putting Democrats in Power well that statement is laughable as they are bought and paid for and their corruption has become well known.
Gee Wilmas
Why does that boy sound like a girl?
Make America Smart Again!
Joshua Menard
Unicorn Fairy1265
Yes yes yes.
Andrew Flowers
Why is the hostess wearing a Black Leather Jacket?
As so-called "scientists" turned democrat politicians, they will support the Climate Hoax.
Marc Rich
Chemistry IS science(2:00), and the other M.D. in congress has a better background(necessary to take decisions) in math and physics(science) than all of your Trump empty heads republicans religious zealots combined... in this Universe at least...
Kokoro cala
I expected some scientists to throw down hands on the congress floor. dissapointed
For all those who hate on the scientists, don't go to the doctor because THEY ARE ALL SCIENTISTS. Don't be a hypocrite -- and if you do go to the doctor, remember that you are the biggest of hypocrites for saying they know nothing and then depending on them to keep you alive because you can't keep yourself alive without their help.
Digital Jedi
Sorry Vice, but your journalist is very distracting and detracts from the story. Can we not have our reporters so "edgy"? Thanks. Great vid btw.
John Butterworth
I’m am going to love trey even more when he uses the expression “scientifically proves” for his prosecution statements. So now, scientists are hired, no matter what party they belong to, into congress over schooled politicians. Lawyers will have to accept that lying is “scientifically proven” to be not acceptable in modern day politics. The irony here is that scientists have been conditioned by a governed political system, to not accept the facts, even if it is clearly right in front of them. As our world of cognitive humans advance with the times, we will see that unless a decision is made using the basic scientific methods, no corrupt decision will be made. This leads me to understand that a new government will transform from a non-reliable one, into a reliable scientifically proven source to govern. Awesome.
Anthony D
Lol doing an interview in a moto jacket... smh
it should be illegal for a lawyer to be elected, let alone have power over another person or human for any reason what's so ever. They are tool, and should be used as one !!
Rosie Liu
The Earth needs more scientists in politics!
Women can be worse than men. Look at Hillary, all of them. They only want the blood. You know it, I know it, everyone with a brain knows what these nasty women want. To murder babies. I'm a woman and will never vote for one like these. Ever.
Will K
These nine scientists will find they can achieve almost nothing in politics. There is a reason scientists do not go into politics.
The only women interviewed by THA WOMAN
angela merkel has a background in science, and so do a lot of african dictators and chinese "communists". making "science" some sort of political solve-all substitute religion is delusional and rather frightening when you look at some of the political undertakings a lot of scientists used to support in the past, eugenics for example. "scientist" is just not a label to get excited over alone. at least these people will probably understand that climate change is real though, so kudos for not only having absolute imbeciles in charge.
I love how they keep saying we are not getting a pay check, my check might be late but that’s ok.i not only still get paid,I will get paid not to work.
I don’t mind being paid for the vacation I’m on...🤦🏻‍♂️ you people let the media play you...
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Forced to work without pay at the TSA These Scientists Just Got Sworn 1 day ago   09:24

With no end in sight, the US government shutdown has officially entered its fourth week. Over 800,000 federal employees haven’t been paid due to a stalemate between Republicans and Democrats. Chris travels to Atlanta to meet a TSA officer on the brink of losing everything, and speaks with government workers at a rally in Washington DC, all with the same impassioned plea to lawmakers: “Do your job.”


The government is STILL shut down

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