Start A New Life Free Of Liberals How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber 2 days ago   06:07

You can’t pick your family, but you can pick your friends. And if they start to vote differently than you, some families are willing to pick up, leave and find new friends. Sick of states that permit legal marijuana? Same-sex marriages? Laws that permit transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice? What if there were a better way?

Last year, VICE News went to McKinney, Texas to check out "Conservative "Move" - a real estate company that says it has the solution to living a life free of liberals. They’ll try to find you a place to live, a job with a decent wage, and the best schools for your children, in Texas or any other Republican stronghold.

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Shan Hussain
Who's the snowflake now?
John Doe
Haha, bunch of whiny pussies.
Rev up Those Fryers
Still better than any majority black city.
Ravyn Skye
The Balkanization of the USA begins...
Is this satire?
Theo Hornbacher
this looks like hell.
The internet is reality.
Lou Fher
Toby Ab
Oh my... And the liberals are the snowfakes?!? Bahahahahahaha wow just wow
If someone could just teach them how to dance they wouldn’t hate music so dang much
Super Buzziwuzzi
Is this satire ?
Jacob Franklin
Hahahaha bury your head lol
Lidku Simpson
So this basically white-flight against other whites... LOL
circle A
Sounds like a racist “safe space”
Conservatives LOVE SAFE SPACES!!!
1:42 Fucker didn't even close the door what an asshole
In 5 years there will be news reports - Texas woman fears town's mens association putting nano chips in housewives brains after discovering women's book club is reading a Christmas decoration catalogue this month. EPA argues it may just be water poisoning. A sample of the town's water supply showed it to be mostly factory farm run off and mercury.
The town of 500 has more coal plants and pig farms per square mile than any place in the country.
One resident says "freedom isn't free."
"Yes, we have the highest rates of degenerative brain disease in the nation, but what we pay in medical bills we save elsewhere. Like on bacon. And pork tenderloin."
That may change however as rising rates of heart disease and childhood obesity are making the cost of their high pork diet is rising.
The town is breaking ground on a new cardiology wing at the local hospital this summer.
Unfortunately due to balanced budget amendments the town is having to lease all the children's playgrounds to Exxon Mobile who will begin exploratory drilling next spring.
Incredibly Exxon has agreed to residents demand that the oil derricks also function as seesaws.
A spokes person for the company released a statement "we told the town "no" but they wouldn't listen." "But they wouldn't stop calling so we finally agreed on the condition that they guarantee our immunity from law suits. Earlier this year the town passed legislation that limited compensation for any civil suit to 'freedom isn't free'. So against our better judgment we will begin construction shortly."
Americans are so unbelievably indoctrinated it's bizarre...
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How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Start A New Life Free Of Liberals 2 days ago   14:18

U.S. intelligence agencies accuse Russia of hacking the 2016 presidential election, a Ben Ferguson travels to Tel Aviv to find out how Israel is on its way to becoming the world's top cyber superpower.

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