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Keep your photos safe with the free Google Photos app:
iPhone: or Android:

Automatically backup all your photos and videos for free, so your memories stay safe, no matter what you do to your phone.

To learn more, visit

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Kalim Khan
GEugene Fontecchio
very COOL😎😎😎😎
people are more worried about the price of a new phone especially if they just bought one. sure photos are nice but what about everything else?
Satyendra Kumar
Amplified harmony
Why don’t you just make the phone water proof?
Subash Mandangi
Hii.friends iam new google acount good evening to all my new friendship ..tanks to all
Javier Robles
eric aind
Ah yes all the apps phone numbers important files don’t matter but the 56 pics you took on vacation oh those are are what makes your phone important
except for ios users where you have to open the app to back them up
Sam Tilden
Except most phones are waterproof now up to the depths you would normally be for up to a full 30 minutes. Which makes this ad completely pointless. Think it through google marketing
Zubair Armaan Services
Portugal008iiiuy88uyou if 8770000
Abdoul Maiso
Afshin Mohmad
عکسهای گذشته ام موجود نیست وگرنه عالی
Manoj Ramesh Shastri
One of the best marketing material ever done !
Shraft Ali
Yaar Kudiyan de Badle na tere ko nahi Lagna net
Rajesh Kumar Sahu
Raju Kumat
Kim Nyan
Semoga ini yang bisah membantuh saya & apa yg saya cari
Surrender singh Surrender singh
Surendra Singh rajput indea
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Pasteles Increíbles - A Mexican baker Google Photos: Automatic Backup 3 months ago   01:46

Pasteles Increíbles is a baker in Mexico who makes incredible, creative cakes. By starting advertising online, they are now seeing real-world results from the new customers they reach.

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