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What started as a humble graffiti ‘zine in 1996 would soon grow to be one of the most trusted outlets for youth-spawned urban culture. Today, Mass Appeal is a media collective led by authentic voices and inspired minds. We are a platform for radical creatives who are transforming culture.

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andre castaneda
this song made me pull over the police.
Lennel Echols
Please dont tell me I'm the only one that acknowledges Nas' past greatness and still finds him boring and mildly off beat sometimes here (Yes i'm an 80's baby, illmatic is my bible, and early 90's-mid 2000's rap was the best. Yes i like lyrics over party rap)
A Bieber
was and still is the king of NY
Ely Buttons
Nas34k views, Kodak Whack 1 million...R.I.P. Hip Hop.
Nas > Tupac.... come at me bro 👊🏾😎
I love Rykeem Doggy Dogg
*Shouts out to all the real hip hop heads* 💪😎 🔥 🔥 🔥 💜💜💜
Azal Uzi
God hip hop😎
Deep Impact
The king is back again to heal our souls with his rhymes. 👑❤
Devin Mooring
Nas is the best ever
Michael Karanja
Tha Don is back
D Clemons
Man! I miss the expanded vocab. Word's really do matter! I can't stand what I'm hearing these days. It resulted me to start listening to smooth rock and instrumentals.
Raphael Schostok
while this shit is really awesome, the beat, the lyrics, everything around it, the more i listen to Nas, the more i realize that all his shit basically sounds THE SAME. just like Biggie used to. That's why i don't think they are 2pac / eminem levels of goat. these 2 have way more variety in their shit
Xolane Skotha
Nas is a Goat.. finish an klaar
MixelSky LLJ
why do oldheads in this comment section keep saying "uh dis generation is too dumb to understand" like whats the point
damn i understand all lyrics from start to end. shit im not used to it
Joe The Taurus
The new generation needs some schooling
Joe The Taurus
Why Nas is my favorite lyricist of all time
Karam Rubaie
ay wheres the last verse

But these clowns got false crowns, fictitional kings
You broke my heart, Fredo
You bring this thing of ours down to a fable
Be advised my guys dyin', enterprisin' at a boss's table
There's always room at my table
Insecurities is keepin' you disabled
All this money to get, is it less time?
They ain't stopped printin' money, 'cause they made mine
I learned to stretch time, these are the best times
I'm in my neighborhood in stadiums, the Mets' kind
With restaurants and Carbone, spicy rigatoni
Go hard, a red Bordeaux, oh God
Michael Ray
Clash of kings with Dom
The illest to EVER touch a pen to a pad. #FACTS
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Tank - When We [Official Music Nas - Adam and Eve (Official Video) 1 day ago   05:36

Tank – When We

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