War in Ukraine : Insane Combat Footage Battle of Ilovaisk - Ukrainian Forces 3 weeks ago   1:02:18

War Clashes
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Peter Edy Priyanto
God bless Russia
im just sayin these men appear to be playing soldier for the most part. a lot of the way they conduct them selves in combat seems uncoordinated and dangerous lacking communication and skill
Adrian Antoniak
Russia should own Ukraine they where worse then naziz in ww2..
Frenkie Bosna
They need Mujahedin to destroy the Russians
The german at 10:00 would rather protect another country from a fake invasion than the infestation in his own borders. The german people are lost.
I don't wish this war on either side. However, it is easy to see this war is the result of anti-Russian goals set on behalf of the (((US)) and the (((EU))).
True Ukraine is just the land of Zaporozhie cossacks - not more. And cossacks is not a nation, its a social military group, same as Don cossacks, Ural cossacks etc.. That fake state, that called itself now as "Ukraine" is Galitsian state,not Ukranian. Galitsians managed to stolen the name of the Cossacks lands, totally alien to them. After 1918 when territory of Malorossija was transfer to kaiser and civil war 1918-1921 the new, bloody quasi-Ukrainian occupation regime of Galician Nazis and Bolshevik terrorists was established in the territory of Malaya Rus/Small Russia (all that Russian land that was transfer to Germany according Brest-Litovsk treaty under terrorist government of bolsheviks). The Bolshevik leaders until the end of the 1930s were mostly Galician Nazis, along with an 3-d International anti-Russian scums. They renamed all Malorossia to so-called Ukraine in Galitsian meaning and conducted so-called Golodomor and repressions against mainly Russian-speaking Ukraine, forcibly imposing people of Rus' to learn the pseudo-Ukrainian (Galitsian) dialect “mova”. The real Ukrainian language is Surzhik, and that is called "Ukrainian" and forced to speak - it is the Galician dialect, language of Transcarpathian Galicia. Transcarpathian nationalism in anti-Russian way was protected and financially supported in Austrian empire and opposite pro-Russian population of Rusyns were terminated in concentration camp Thalerhof during WWI. The modern galitsian nazi Ukraine is something like Tatar-Mongol yoke of the Transcarpathian nameless nation (which stole the name "Ukrainians" from Zaporozhie Cossacks) over the people of Malorossija/ central historical Russia, that suppressed under galitsian occupation nazi state with emerged in 20 century extremist, created for partition of Russia, ideology "Ukraine - not Russia"
America Is#1
Holy shit. You guys need some US training and equipment.
Thomas Jefferson
Not a single headline in the United States media about this war.
Hill Sniper
Aside from the politics in the comments, this is basically 2 slavs fighting. Nuff said.
Jakubko Englich
I think that, the guy whit rpg at 20:00 is from Slovakia, he said "buzerant hybaj" whit perfekt slovak accent. Its Hard to translate it to english, but maybe "lets go bugger"
To be honest, this war is stupid. They don’t even hate each other and there’s no reason to hate each other. They have the same culture, language and race.. like WTF? It’s not even a common religious war.
Stefan Cel Mare
Everyone is talking crap about the Russians, but they haven't even seen what the Nazis Ukranians have been doing to their own people. Killing their own people without mercy.
90% of the people here i bet have never seen real footage of at least 30 people being killed, their bodies bleeding, or their bodies being ripped apart. Seeing the real bodies of people where that is an enemy or friendly either way is sad seeing brothers kill each other.
Russians are people too and so are the Ukranians.
Both sides have families to worry about.
Kick USA out of Ukraine and kill their American puppets installed in Ukraine and everything will be better.
Raul Saico
Fanste Kiko
Ukraine is sucha wreck of a country, instead of sending regular or special forces they send some nazi paramilitary troops and merceneries to fight and pillage and when they get killed they make them HEROES...
What kinde of war is this ?
From start of this conflict i didn't see even once Ukraine batalions trying to recapture rebel held positions .
"There are RUSSIANS helping REBELS" NO SHIT SHERLOCK. . . The moment when you switched to NATO you chould have known that teritories GRANTED to you from RUSSIA during USSR would pull back from your country...
AND if you think that those lands should belong to you , send everything you got .
War is money, thats the only reason we had wars an we still having them.
@ 1:02:17 That machine gun lifts up on every fire, it can't stay down where it needs to be. I guess they got to use what they got, oh well. It's just land forces with no air. Ukraine needs more mortar teams. Mortars would help out a lot...God bless the Ukrainians in their war with Russia...This is Russia having a extended war with Ukraine. The Russians are supplying the east Ukrainian rebels with all their weapons and ammo... Strange how it remains so quiet in the media....
Lutte Kikker
When was this video shot?
Русский пингу
Roman Popyk
Brief story of events in Ukraine:

Russia saw that EuroMaidan won and Ukraine is going to join EU and Nato. To prevent that, they occupied Crimea and thus took very important strategic point in the Black Sea. Then they tried to divide Ukraine at half, sponsoring and recruiting "activists" who had to take all strategic points in the cities in Eastern Ukraine (Donetsk, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhia) and declare new puppet Republic of Novorossiya. They managed to do it only in the most pro-Russian region in Ukraine - Donbass.
Now Russia is sponsoring them with supplies and arms

P.S Here two answers for two important questions.
-Why don't Ukraine wipe these poor-trained soldiers?
-If there is Russian army, why dont we declare war on Russia?

1. We tried to do that at the beginning and it was going very great, only a few towns were left to take, until Russian army crossed the border and uncircled us, causing a lot of casualities.
(Read Battle of Ilovaysk)
2.Russia is to strong to fight against. Our army was weak in 2014, but with every year we gain strength. We found new allies, our army is getting new weapons and equipment and I think someday we can repel Russians from our land
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Battle of Ilovaisk - Ukrainian Forces War in Ukraine : Insane Combat Footage 3 weeks ago   14:51

This footage is part of an war archvie of the war in Ukraine and should be viewed as educational. This footage is also to be taken as a raw documentary on the events of the conflict in Ukraine. This footage is not meant to be violent in any way. I am only sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating. I also want to share this footage for: news reporting, sharing important information with the public, and the transformative nature of the footage.

Video Credit - Радіо Свобода (www.radiosvoboda.org)

Андрій Дзиндзя

LB ua

Photo: Reuters

The Battle of Ilovaisk (also called the Ilovaisk Kettle) was a key battle of the War in Donbass that led to signing of the Minsk Protocol by a trilateral group. The battle started on 7 August 2014, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine and pro-Ukrainian paramilitaries began a series of attempts to capture the city of Ilovaisk from pro-Russian insurgents affiliated with the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR). Whilst government forces were able to enter the city on 18 August, they quickly became encircled by the insurgents. After days of encirclement, government forces made an agreement with the insurgents, favoured by Russian president Vladimir Putin, to allow them to retreat from the city. This agreement was not honoured, and many soldiers died whilst trying to escape.

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