The Rise of Flying Cars Are Now Gaining Elon Musk Shocks Audition 1 day ago   12:50

Richard Aguilar
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New flying cars are Taking flight to the Sky.
University of Texas to help Uber with flying car concept.
Japan Wants Flying Cars to End Traffic Jams.
Japan Developing Flying Car With Uber And Airbus.
Japan backs pubic-private council to make flying cars a reality.
Flying Uber may be coming to a city near you.
Sebastian Thrun- Making flying cars a reality.
Troops In Flying Cars- Futuristic manned ‘copter’.
New Flying Cars Coming Soon.

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People flying about in cars will make easy targets for kids with potato canons. :)
There's also Ehang (chinese) and Lillium (Bavaria, Germany). The Lillium is the best flying electric car I have seen so far.
lone Wolf
Correction,the skies are NOT empty😒
Piaa Buddy
flying car crash...
glenn goodale
I like how you get the most news ... thanks for sharing
Miss W
Very interesting. I don't know if flying cars is a good thing or bad? I suppose it will be the person operating it to decide that.
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Elon Musk Shocks Audition The Rise of Flying Cars Are Now Gaining 1 day ago   13:53

This will change the world on a large scale.

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