How the Saudis ended up with so many What happens after ISIS 2 days ago   10:15

And why they want more.

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Saudi Arabia and the US have a partnership that's been in the making for over seven decades. It started after World War II and survived the Iranian Revolution, the Cold War, the Gulf War, September 11, and the proliferation of conflicts across the Middle East. This whole time, the US has been selling weapons to Saudi Arabia -- now its number one customer. Saudis bought bombs, tanks, guns, and planes over the years to defend themselves from various threats. The US supplied those weapons because the Saudi’s threats have usually been a threat to the US as well.

Today, there's a shift in the relationship. Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen has created the worst humanitarian disaster in the world - and thrown the Middle East into chaos. The problem is, the Saudis are using US bombs to do it.

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As the Middle East has destabilized, the US-Saudi alliance has become more complicated. Read Vox reporter Matt Yglesias' argument for reconsidering the alliance here:
Oo0 z
America is the real terrorism
مشعلوههِ ٰ 305
Iran had emerged as an ally of the US ?    Really is that what happened   well it is not a lye  But itis just like saying -The us took over The Abu Ghraib prison and it did not go wel. l       in my option that’s not good journalism . a story like that has to have the sad chapter  about how the CIA colonial style ocupation of Iran  and  the fact that the us goverment  stole a big portion of Iran annual oil production for decades.  it is a simple fact we all know  VOX claiming that they are  neutral  -well they just proved  they are not
R M.
Americans, while most of your tax dollars go to propping up a bloated military that goes around sowing discord abroad, the federal gov't sends weapons to royalty in SA where human rights and democracy don't exist. Are you guys ok with all this?
behnam vahdati
As an Iranian the situation worries me. I really feel for the people of Yemen. I wish all middle easy could unite under one flag
So, Obama is a war-criminal?
Craig Dillon
Why does United States need Saudi Arabia? We are self sufficient in oil due to fracking. Moreover, oil is declining as a strategic resource.
We are moving fairly rapidly towards a renewable energy global infrastructure. Electric cars are projected to outsell gasoline cars by 2025 to 2030.
The importance of Saudi Arabia is less than it was. Soon, it won't be important at all. Let the Russians get blamed for supporting dictators.
The US should start supporting democracy and the rule of law, and get out of the "propping up dictators" business.
Who has been profiting from a destabilised middle east and extravagant arms purchase, USA, USA, USA !! (scuff Hypocrites)
With the amount of weapons Saudi Arabia has, Iran does not stand a chance if it ever get any ideas to attack Arabian Gulf countries.
Jarod Farrant
America does America still but Saudi oil? They don’t need it. With advances in renewable power fracking And offshore drilling does America really need it?
Alexander Mills
The US Government at work
George Andrews
The Saudi family runs the USA. That is why both George Bushes said they are their family....
Bang Bokir
7:15 to 7:30 , the US sponsored, terrorism started
mu alawad
Boring, inflammatory, and meant for ignorant ppl with little access to information
Noah Loiselle
What software does Vox use to make their videos?
Low hanging fruit.. so I will refrain from punishing.
Mandeep Singh
So first the Arab war with Israel worsens it
The conclusion is BS. The chaos in the Middle East benefits the U.S. the most. More chaos, more profit.
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What happens after ISIS How the Saudis ended up with so many 2 days ago   07:23

Three ways ISIS will remain a threat after defeat.

Correction: At 0:18, a previous version of the video mistakenly suggested that Turkey-backed forces are fighting ISIS in the west. In fact, the Russia-backed Syrian army and its allies are fighting ISIS in the north and west. The error has been rectified.

We also want to clarify that the color coded lines that appeared in the previous version at 0:18 did not indicate a border or the frontline. The lines were meant to illustrate that ISIS was under attack on all sides. That highlight has now been removed to avoid any confusion.

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It was also a symbolic loss, Mosul is where the group declared a caliphate, or Islamic territory, in 2014. This set them apart from other terrorist organizations. They weren’t just a network of jihadists strung out across several countries, like al-Qaeda, they governed over actual territory, which they called the Islamic State.
Now with the loss of Mosul, the fall of the ISIS caliphate seems imminent, but what happens when ISIS is gone?

Now this doesn’t mean ISIS will be gone. In fact, the fall of ISIS raises some complicated issues. So I asked the Foreign team to explain what could happen after ISIS is defeated . is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app.

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