18+ Ukrainian Army Storms Donetsk FSA in Face to Face firefight with 3 weeks ago   22:15

Ukraine War Awareness
- January 20th, 2015. In their last attempt to recapture to recently lost Donetsk Airport, the Ukrainian Army got captured by Somali Battalion led by Commander Givi. Motorola's Unit Sparta Battalion was also in the vicinity. In Mid-January were very serious battles for the old and new terminals of the Airport, where suspected mercenaries were also fighting alongside UAF, evident from NATO Weapon stockpiles found https://w-vidz.com/videow/XE3HkBKPduw). The Ukrainian Armed Forces needed to take the Donetsk Airport back at any cost, thus started bombing and shelling the City itself. The people were angry from a earlier multiple artillery strikes on their city which killed civilians including children (at 20:50 on the left side is seen a freshly dead civilian on the street). The captured colonel was giving the coordinates of where to shell, which was Donetsk Central City District, instead of NAF positions, in hopes that NAF would retreat from the Airport to defend the Citizens of Donetsk, but instead the DPR ambushed the Artillery Positions and captured the Colonel. The conclusion of the battle for the Airport would later lead to the Battle of Debaltseve 2-3 weeks later, which was captured just hours before Minsk II Ceasefire was implemented (the ceasefire was a tactic by Poroshenko and the EU in hopes to freeze the Battle of Debatlseve and prevent it from returning to DPR & LPR Control).
Ukrainian Commanders leaving their units' to save their own asses seems to be a common act. A compilation of such situations will soon be translated and uploaded.

- 01/27/2015 - https://w-vidz.com/videow/8ZAdh5H-O5a
- 01/23/2015 - Soldier returned to his mother - https://w-vidz.com/videow/yd-WKkVJoZQ
- 01/23/2015 - Another soldier returned to his mom - https://w-vidz.com/videow/t50-dQg_jFe

- [Eng Subs] 3 minute Video showing capture from different angle + Motorola - https://w-vidz.com/videow/e7h6hrlBMV8

The Colonel was released in June I believe (will re-check to clarify). He is considered a "Hero" of Ukraine, was awarded a medal by President Poroshenko for "Bravery & Courage in the face of captivity by an Aggressive Nation" even though Somali + Sparta Battalion's are consisted of Donetsk residents which has been proven, and I believe the Colonel now trains and instructs future Artillery Personnel based on information last heard of him.

The others were later exchanged in late February with the other 1,500 POWs taken captive in mid-February during the Debaltseve battle.

Graphic Content. Translated by FallenUSSoldiers. Re-Uploaded by U.W.A. for Archival purposes.
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Ukraine War Awareness
Everybody I urge you to please check the description to avoid asking the questions that are already in there. Top 3 most posted questions that I will answer right now:
1. Somali Battalion isn't Russian. Givi was born in Donetsk. He even served in the Ukrainian Army in the early 2000's.
2. The people they captured is the Ukrainian Artillery Corps that was shelling Donetsk City Residential Area's. Towards the end of the Video when the Colonel is escorted, you can see dead Civilians and Artillery craters on the main streets of the City. Wouldn't you be pissed at the person that ordered the command to fire upon your city?
3. All prisoners were released a month later. Their treatment conditions are linked in the description. They received medical attention and were allowed to make video statements to send to their families back at home. The Colonel was released 1 year later, and was awarded the Hero of Ukraine award.
Pipito Paerata
Never get captured never surrender. This is normal for POWs . Disorientation threaten beat & get usable INTEL
15:35 and suddenly these women feel strong when protected by armed men who have risked their lives for them
Isaac Erickson
You have to remember that these people who are interrogating the soldiers are Rebels. They say They want their homeland back when Russia was the one to take over the Slavic region in the first place. They suffered under communism for over 50 years and they were on their way to regain the ability to live normally and now Russia is pushing in under cover soldiers and starting basically a civil war because Russia wants to steal back land that was free after communism. Remember that Russia is the one acting like Nazi Germany (trying to take back Poland because there were "germans in it") Russia is invading a Free country. This is coming from someone without any bias as I am not Russian or Ukrainian. These people are being killed because Russia and the Russian rebels are acting like children. The Ukrainians are protecting their homeland that they have only had for a few decades, and now the country that oppressed them in the first place is invading again. think about it.
RaxenGamerTV JUZEK
Did givi live?
David Smith
They look like people, very angry with each other but just people.
12:39 god damn man.

Seeing this shit while some stupid fucks in the comments say how America is better Ukraine is or Russia.

This people are probably about 17-24 and there are images of them rotting in the streets and still some idiots say how their nation or side is better.
Nigga you can say this when your born into east ukraine and fighting and surviving in cold shit with a knife to your throat.
Nez Mustafa
Ukrainians are trained so poorly
So... is Givi dead?
The Aggressive Pizza - Dopeness for Depressed Teens
spetsnaz ninefive
I don't think those men were killed in battle , They looked like they were executed .
Thr One looked like he was shot in the face more than once .

These new found terrorists will pay .
Dávid Hudák
wait while we come to Lviv .... hahaha putlers bastards, you cant retake Slavyansk :D ... its over, your commanders are all dead givi, motorola, zacharchenko ... take your things and go home. SLAVA UKRAINI !!!
You are all victims of your governments and you are fully responsible for believing and voting for them! Ukraine is an independent country by 1991. Why didn't you declare your autonomy then? Who made you believe that joining the EU would be a bad idea? From the other side the Ukrainians should respect the decisions of their democratically elected government presented by Viktor Yanukovych. RESPECT! A word that describes everything! It starts from the respect to democracy and ends up to the respect to the civilians AND the captured soldiers. There is NO respect at your region guys by no-one! If you don't fix this you will be doomed in war and misery for ever...
Eliot L. Wonders
Как говорил мой дед... «Ни с одним хохлом в разведку не пойду». У меня самого есть друзья украинцы, пока никаких выводов о надёжности не делал... Везде есть мрази
bertho ibra
Givi : you know who i am ? Soldier : givi ? Givi : yeah , that's me ! Boooooooom!!! Lol...
Antonio Amaro
Givi, burn in hell!
Slava ukraina
Alonso Cushing
Givi was a war criminal but who gives a fuck because he';s dead now. Good riddance.
Iveros m
Man gibi has really changed
Black Oak
Givi R.I.P
Joseph Marsh
Did anyone here Allah akbar 4.45 ??
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FSA in Face to Face firefight with 18+ Ukrainian Army Storms Donetsk 3 weeks ago   05:18

FSA of Idlib and the scond army captured Saloumiyah in Idlib after deadly firefighting with SAA and its allies . several SAA solders were captured or killed one of FSA Members atleast inqured during the Fighting 15th january 2018.
the Location: http://wikimapia.org/#lang=de&lat=35.467101&lon=36.866684&z=12&m=b&show=/37632411/Saloumiyah
*DISCLAIMER* This footage is part of an war archive of the war in Syria and should be viewed as educational. This footage is also to be taken as a raw documentary on the events of the conflict in Syria. This footage is not meant to be violent in any way. I am only sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating. This is a war documentary.
music license :
Scott Buckley - legionnaire
Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/musoscientific
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/musicbyscottb...
Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/musicbyscottb

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