CAPTAIN MARVEL Final Trailer มโนเปรียบเทียบพลัง Captain Marvel จะล้ม 1 day ago   01:46

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CAPTAIN MARVEL Final Trailer (2019) Brie Larson, Marvel Superhero Movie HD

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Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

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Hansolo Blond
more i watch these trailers, i have started liking Allison Brie....
looking forward for this and her in avengers end game (:
belinho beli
Every women actor whos gonna play a superhero needs to take some lessons from angelina jolie. She kicked ass in her movies, and not once did you think "ohhh thats a woman". Pure talent is pure talent. This looks Meh....
Nicola Mazzi
I can't wait for March. My ultimate crush!
your mom
Michael Monro
One or two more trailers and I won't have to even bother with it....
Horror Head
Jude Law could b the saving grace for this movie 🤞🏻 Brie does look hot in that costume tho!
Like si te gusta la película
Tim Jones
Just not feeling the ‘vibe’ of this one.
Doesn’t look like a bad movie, but I feel there are just a couple things that seem, off. I feel that Brie Larson just doesn’t fit with captain marvel as a character. Half of the scenes she just seems, devoid of any expression. Another things it that they made her out to be so Overpowered. That’s the exact reason I hate Superman in the DCEU. He just comes in and destroys everything and everyone he wants with no problem and that’s how I feel they are making captain marvel out to be like she’s going to totally overshadow the avengers. Other then that it doesn’t look too bad
Another blue eyed blonde superhero? Marvel changed Nick Fury's race, and the Ancient One's'd think the could of found a strong woman of color to play Captain Marvel
Clinton Cook
Carol: Does announcing your identity on clothing help with the covert part of your job?
Nick: Said the space soldier who was wearing a rubber suit.
I'm not much of a Marvel fan. I only really care for The Incredible Hulk (2008) and Doctor Strange. (Doesn't help that we get one a year and I'm feeling burned out.) But, I wouldn't mind hearing some banter again, especially with Samuel L. Jackson.
Can't wait for this!!!!!
Nahin Taba
this looks so overdramatic. Maybe we should focus on getting more personality out of a female character instead of strong masculinity of a female :/
This plays like a frat girl getting cast in a marvel movie. SO BAD
Takezo Shinmen
Brie Larson's flat, monotone delivery is bloody awful, and her smirky wood face doesn't help either. This bomb is going to go the way of Green Lantern.
Бауржан Мельдеханов
Хрень полная
Why has CGI gone back 20 years? Why is she an annoying valley girl? Why does it feel like a cheap TV series?
Dougie Mcdonald
For fucks sake you have 365 days to choose from but you chose to release this shit green lantern rip off on my birthday smh
Mary SUEper Hero: The Movie
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มโนเปรียบเทียบพลัง Captain Marvel จะล้ม CAPTAIN MARVEL Final Trailer 1 day ago   12:45

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