MANNERHEIM | History and his Line How BIG were Soviet Armies and Divisions 1 day ago   09:35

Carl Gustav Emil Mannerheim towers over all other characters of the Winter War, and of Finnish history in general. This video is a brief introduction to one of the great leaders of the 20th Century (and according to a TV poll in 2004, the greatest Finn of all time). Full script is available as captions/subtitles, and the source I used for this video is -

Trotter, W. The Winter War: The Russo-Finnish War of 1939-40. Aurum Press Ltd, 2003.

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#FIXIT Suomi Pois EUsta
As a Fin I never knew about his journey in Asia. Thank you for the video
Marko Petre
Super Scion
An excellent release of information regarding another great military commander. I would say that the far northern campaigns regarding Finland versus the Soviet Union is the most little-understood area of the greatest global conflict of our continuing story of the human experience. An amazing tenacity and capability of the soldiers of Finland and tactical fortitude to hold off the total loss of sovereignty of this courageous nation against a giant that would annihilate the Wehrmacht and occupy for decades most all of Eastern Europe and most of what was Nazi Germany.
some boby
Does the dude who wrote the book sell knicked watches and drive a three-wheeled van?
I'm Romanian, and I consider Mannerheim a hero for me. He deserves all respect, as someone who has succesfully defended his country against the Russians. Our leader in 1941 was overwhelmed by anger and hatred for the Russians, for occupying Bessarabia, a part of Romania, and not giving back our thesaurus. He joined Operation Barbarossa, and seeing his country lose pride and being divided so many times over the past, he could not stand it anymore, and unleashed his fury over the Reds.

Mannerheim knew how to resist. Finland is not whole, but they haven't been a Soviet sattelite as we have.
K Green
Red terror... please don't forget the RED TERROR. That was how it started. Murdering teachers, doctors, policemen and so forth. Red terror.
Doby Pilgrim
Mannerheim and Hayha. Two very different from the, and both my personal favorite Finns!
Hitler was a Muslim
Its too bad he returned his sabre to his scabbard.
Михаил Егоров
What about changing sides in ww2, siege Leningrad and making peoples starve to death, it's all mannerheim aswell
He was good
Bobblehead Elvis
Better dead than red. Civil war is hell, but red Finland would have been swallowed whole by Stalin.
Who’s here from World of Tanks?
fulcrum 29
Both russia and finland deserves respect in a way, the russians for learning quickly and the finnish for being able to defend their country for a long time
Peter Lovett
I look forward to more videos on Finland and the ensuing conflicts after the Winter War. I have always wondered why Soviet Russia didn't try to engulf Finland on its march to Berlin given that Finland and Germany had been allies in WW2 (primarily I believe on the basis that my enemy's enemy is my friend). There is very little published (in English) on this so thank you for taking the interest in this.
The Mannerheims were german. They emigrated to Sweden in the 17th century, recieved the rank of barons and then counts and then moved on to Finland in the 18th
Oliver Ludwig
I own an English biography of Mannerheim by Stig Jägerskiöld, which my Finnish aunt gave me as a birthday present 14 years ago.
Jaime Jaime
Better dead than red
Jay Felsberg
Well, in hindsight, killing Reds was a good thing for Finland in the long run, so no problem there. After all, any Red Terror in Russian history was far worse than anything the baron could have done. Plus, given Soviet-supported activity in other nations after WWI, it was probably necessary if Finland would retain its independence.
Toby mackenzie
My great great grandad Urho sihvonen was under the command of Mannerheim and was close friends with him. After the winter war we was put in charge of a quarter of Finland. I wish I knew all this about him. So I could’ve talked about my great great grandads relationship with him and that fact he was on guard at the winter palace and was in almost daily contact with the tsar and tsarina
Mannered Bare
A fair (unbiased) video. Thank you. Mannerheim is a hero to me. He is the spirit of Finland.
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How BIG were Soviet Armies and Divisions MANNERHEIM | History and his Line 1 day ago   17:20

Red Army forces were smaller than the German equivalents during Fall Blau and Stalingrad, which had a massive impact on the Soviet generals and staff officers. This put them at a disadvantage against the Wehrmacht and added to the stress of commanders like Vasily Chuikov, commander of 62nd Army at Stalingrad. In this video we will examine why this was the case.

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