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I know that school videos are common but guess what. I also went to school and I reserve the right to talk about it :)


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Wow, you read all of this? You are dedicated my friend, I bless you with an A on your next assignment.

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ItsIce and icey
1:20 I have played that game befour me im legend >:3
DeHoul Doo
1:54 I think he just put cardboard near the microphone and started making sounds
Armando Flores

Anime fans and The Amaazing: *NANI????*
I feel like such. A weeaboo rightnow
Jared Loader
wow three intros u r awesome!
the expert 07
Our high school teacher told us about a chicken that eats eggs and cooked chicken
Jr Productions 11
I'm moving on to 7th grade... I'm ded
Francesca Daley
5:52 look what the laptop is called
TheMaroonVoid Øøgæ Bøøgæ
I thought you were a skinny 12 year old
(trying so hard to put it in a nice way)
Salaar 177
Great animation
The Cool Bro2989
Who like the new intro
Like = Yes
Dislike = No.
isela quintero
In my opinion you’re asome actually the best
Lol the grade in the rpom gets lower and lower
kawaii gacha flores
I love apple pie i love applepie aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh
kawaii gacha flores
Brazen I saw your story it was hilarious you screamed like stait out a horror story
Digo Flores
I love apps pie
Ralph Mckenzie
Ralph Mckenzie
Being a MAN is not hard ( :
Miguel Moya
Bryson you havent maked imagination part 4 /:
woah dude u sound like 12 but like ur a senior and whaaaat
Kyler Guerue
Was that a foot rasengan? 2:15
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My Thoughts On Superpowers (more) School Stories!!! 1 day ago   05:48

Hey, everyone, it's your boi spooderman.

thanks for watching! Sorry that I haven't uploaded in a while, things have been busy and pretty hectic. I promise I will upload more this summer but I actually have to go somewhere after this video. What are your thoughts on superpowers? Idk, I'll see you later.

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thanks to JunkyJanker for the lines! heres his channel

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Hello there! Welcome to my YouTube channel! I'm Infamous Swoosh, I'm currently 16 and I've been animating since late February 2016. It's really a blessing to see such a huge amount of supporters! Thank you all so much. If you are interested in pretty decent animations, Q&A's, and more to come in the future, then subscribe!! Welcome! Get some popcorn, and relax...


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I use Adobe Flash CS4 to animate my videos and Wondershare Filmora to edit (its not the best program so I don't recommend it but it does its job for me)

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love y'all, ok bye.

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