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A Gambian truth and reconciliation commission began its first hearing this month to look into alleged human rights abuses that occurred during the 22-year rule of Yahya Jammeh.

Between 1994 and 2016, Jammeh allegedly oversaw gross human rights violations including witch hunts, torture, enforced disappearances, and sexual violence. Many atrocities are said to have been committed by his own paramilitary hit squad. Jammeh was known as an eccentric leader who also subjected Gambians to fraudulent treatments for HIV/AIDS.

Hearings for the Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) will feature testimony from victims, witnesses and alleged perpetrators. The commission will decide compensation for victims and recommend cases for further prosecution.

This month marks two years since Jammeh fled from The Gambia after refusing to concede defeat in a 2016 presidential election. He has been living in exile in Equatorial Guinea, where he is being protected from extradition. Since his departure, some aspects of Gambian civil society, including the return of a free press, have improved. But the country is still struggling economically and many young people are considering leaving.

In this episode, we'll discuss what a truth, reconciliation and reparations commission could achieve in The Gambia and how the country has changed under new leadership.

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Patrick Mendy
jammeh is better president for Gambian ok
mamadou Baldeh
you people are very stupid
pa abdou jagne
That's true Adama Barrow is just a big disappointment to Gambian he is following the same footsteps of Jammeh, he is pretending to be someone that he's not even close to. He brings tribalism to the Gambia, corruption, lack of transparency and sending false information to the world
Trouble Child
Although barrow is no better, but jammeh must be brought to justice
mohamed bah
Jammeh to justice
Abdoulie Jalloh
We will never move on,there most be justice..
Modou Lamin Sambou
Plz guys don't waste your time ,this is all rubbish total rubbish,just look even the way attorney General express himself,is just total rubbish ,let them bring lawful evidences .jammeh is man ,who never compromise with rule of law
Jahmiel Fye
He's The best jammeh 💜💜
Ninki Nanko Fangbondi
The TRRC is a joke. Aljazeera agents of Satan. Ask these journalists why did the TRRC hired people who attacked Gambia with arms on December 30, 2014? Asked this commission why are people who were part of the 1994 coup that brought Yahya Jammeh to power being reinstated into government and made witnesses of TRRC... conflict of interest- unless the truth is told the problems would keep compounding. Lies won’t take us anywhere as a nation.
Ninki Nanko Fangbondi
Of course the TRRC would be in Jammeh’s advantage because it is becoming clear as the witnesses are surfacing that all their testimonies are fabrications which are far from the truth. Conflict of interest. Now what we have in Gambia is a lazy president, gun smugglers, arm robbery in day light, break and entry’s into homes, lying officials and abuse of the poor. The TRRC will bring the liars to justice because Gambians will protect Jammeh with our lives. When you push us to the wall we would start pushing back.
Ninki Nanko Fangbondi
The TRRC or whatever it is called is the biggest joke of Gambia’s history.. you the media, you the agents of Satan who are bent on imposing your will on our people are not reporting the facts or the issues. Already the TRRC is flawed with fabrications and lies but you didn’t make that the headline rather you chose to divert our attentions to Jammeh. Jammeh is far more honorable than those chairing that TRRC and all of its witnesses. Have you heard the saying “Who jah blessed no man can curse” well that’s Yahya jammeh. The man is gifted and his opponents are all liars, opportunist and jealous people. It is very clear to us that all they wanted was to live Jammeh’s lifestyle but they were not fighting Jammeh for the common good. These idiots that you are interviewing here were all at one point working with Jammeh therefore they are as guilty as Jammeh if there’s any crime at all. Jammeh defended the constitution to the last minute. Weee Jammeh. Gambia is crying to have Jammeh back. Very hard working president. A no nonsense man. Long live Yahya Jammeh.
malls lores
Let bush an toni Blair go for justic first because they have kill million of people in Syria Africans are no longer fuls jammeh is not going for any justice
Alieu Jallow
Yaya is a big criminal only stupid people will follow jmeh
laiyan chiam
I feel so sorry for the victims, but l don't think anything will come out of this TRRC because most of the people who comited this crimes are still work in the government, and moving around freely. One of them his still the chiarman of Ecowas his still holding a very important position. I just don't understand why this new government is playing with people's lives. 😐🙈
Salieu Sillah
Al jazeera are big hypocrites, they only targets African leaders. We know the kind of news media they are. Jammeh never allows them to enter the Gambia🇬🇲 to cover anything because he knows what they are capable of. They are trying to build attention to the world against jammeh but am a Gambian and right now jammeh is far better than this current Government. The only country where the present president of the country and vice president campaigns for elections with is not yet due and throwing words against each others with different political parties in a civilised way. But the Government is for the people and by the people we have seeing the right man for us Gambians papa #halifasallah
Ebrima Fatty
Gambia government they don't know nothing just talking and sales they people all about money barrow government omg may God help us .....
Truth and Justice #4 everyone.
These TRRC has nothing to do with this current Government. The peoples who lost their lives an victim's families has to be given d truth an reconciliation.
Arcane 777
Another African success story ?! More genocide more rape and more rotting corpses.
Ismaila Bojang
Let there be justics for all the victims and there families.
Redemption For The Colored
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ICC Fatou Bensouda and her former employer 🇬🇲 Will Gambia’s truth 2 days ago   07:00

Before joining the ICTR, Fatou Bensoudsa was successively Senior State Counsel, Principal State Counsel, Dictator Jammeh's Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Dictator Jammeh's Solicitor General and Legal Secretary, and Dictator Jammeh's Attorney General and Minister of Justice, in which capacity she served as Chief Legal Advisor to Dictator Jammeh and his Cabinet.

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