How to get Files off a Broken Phone recover data Samsung Galaxy 3 months ago   03:09

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Hello and welcome today we will show you how to get files off a broken phone.
Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk
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no home button gang
omu kar
Can't work
rocky williams
This deletes all your files DO NOT DO THIS I LOST EVERYTHING.
I have a 10 dollar basic phone. Would it work with that?
Salute! Great Jerusalem
ajahhahhahahahahaha nothing happened why dont you say the truth , you are moving so fast we are not following you
I Hate U, I Hate EveryBody!
My oppo find x even i do a hard reset it still looking for pin code what should i do? I forget already the pin code one month ago
Aishwarya Jadhav
hi my mobile has no battery so what do Plz my model is Samsung a 5 2016 models
i bricked my phone trying to recover pictures and cant un brick it with your guys program :(
A BIG THANK YOU to TechSlice for making this video and helping me revive my phone!! This method DID work for me on my Samsung Note 4!! See my story below...
Thinking my battery had died, I went to a local phone repair shop; and after 2 hours with my phone, they told me it wasn't the battery, my phone was completely DEAD. Their evaluation was free thankfully so, I was only out my time. I returned home very upset about losing my data and decided to start watching YouTube videos on data recovery for phones; there are a TON of them! I came across this video and saw TechSlice's method for getting into the "reboot" menu. I wondered why the repair guys hadn't tried this at all because it would have been something they could have done while I was standing there as one of their first tests right after the battery test. When I pressed and held down the keys, my phone brought up a black screen with a list of options. I wasn't familiar with any of the options except two: "data wipe/factory reset" and "reboot". I figured, my phone was supposed to be dead already so how much more damage can I do with a reboot? I followed the on-screen directions to perform a reboot. Lo and behold, my phone came BACK to LIFE; everything seems to be functioning normally! So I am now backing ALL my data up from my phone to my PC. Now, I don't know if this will work for EVERYONE with a "dead" Samsung Note 4 phone but, it worked for me. Again, THANK YOU TechSlice!! You have a new subscriber!!
ezra saclag
scumbag stupid video not working fake video for subscribe ? noob
Tebqzik Music
your shit this thing of your its stupid and aint working motherfucker
Megan Hill
And if the phone doesn't have a home button? What then?
except I cannot access the battery on my device, and therefore can't do this. do you have any other ideas by any chance?
Ankit joshi
what is the name of the cable and which key u use to open ,,,i have lenovo k5
My phone does not respond at all
White Trash and Hellbound
This DOES WORK ... but if you have a password on your phone like most people do so that the can "Hide DICK PICS" or "Hide the messages you have of your moms friends tits" or "Hide your gay conversations on craigslist" or... .... because really, y'all blast your shit all over Instagram and Facebook so why lock your phone? Then you find yourself in this position... then you take it to a "Phone Guy" and he steals all your personal shit anyway... so who you really hiding from? Lol ... ... anyway... SAMSUNG S5 Oct.5/2018 this "Trick" worked... ... got my Dick pics back and I'm sending them to my moms friends again ;) lol .... .... .... WHITE TRASH AND HELLBOUND
Its simple when he cut the video he swapped the broke phone to a fully new working one he has two the same but one broken one working thats why it was cut you can tell if you pay close attention to the phones screen before he cuts it their are cracks and after the cut their are no cracks simple he is tricking you guys!
Violet Miles
This would be great if it worked but my phone doesn't show up on the computer
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recover data Samsung Galaxy How to get Files off a Broken Phone 3 months ago   09:19

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