The greatest album covers of jazz The myth of Sisyphus - Alex Gendler 2 days ago   06:51

Blue Note captured the refined sophistication of jazz during the early 60s, giving it its signature look in the process.

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When asked to visualize what jazz looks like, you might picture bold typography, two tone photography, and minimal graphic design. If you did, you’re recalling the work of a jazz label that single-handedly defined the “look” of jazz music in the 1950s and1960s: Blue Note.

Inspired by the ever present Swiss lettering style that defined 20th century graphic design (think Paul Rand), Blue Note captured the refined sophistication of jazz during the early 60s, particularly during the hard bop era, and gave it a definitive visual identity through album covers.

Some songs don't just stick in your head, they change the music world forever. Join Estelle Caswell on a musical journey to discover the stories behind your favorite songs.

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Light Yagami
Easily the best Vox video ever made
True Blue - Tina Brooks. Yeah baby!
Mark M
Fabulous video. More, please.
Jason Duerstock
Who misspelled "rhythm" at 1:17 ?
J. Angel Cruz
Dear Vox,
Earworm, the Full length documentary.
Jim Heid
This is superbly done! A noble tribute to Blue Note's greatness.
my favorite is jimmie smith "midnight special" cover with jimmie hanging on a freight car with his red suitcase.
Miti Abulaiti
Those designs are amazing
Nurlinda F Sihotang
Seeing trough the eyes of genious...
That'll explains why i always wanted to strangle them genious because envy...
Very interesting. Thanks.
1:16 typo - rhythm
Andy Hay.
50's to the ....and still going.
Why did the title of this clip go from "How One Designer Established The Look of Jazz" (sp) to The greatest album covers of jazz?
That Unity album by Larry Young is always coming to my mind when I'm thinking of Blue Note. It's absolutely timeless, which you can not say about most album covers from the late 70's and until today.
Tomos Halsey
I always hate how low the FPS is on Vox's animations it's so disorienting and choppy.
Emrecan İlarslan
Amazing documentaries! Earworm playlist is like a drug for my ears. Even the video style is great
0:38 s/o madlib
Benjamin Campagnola
Giant Steps aside, this is the best short visual explanation for so many things related to the acoustics of Western music. I have seen many short videos on this topic. This one is the best. Good job!
lol wolff and lion
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The myth of Sisyphus - Alex Gendler The greatest album covers of jazz 2 days ago   04:57

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Sisyphus was both a clever ruler who made his city prosperous, and a devious tyrant who seduced his niece and killed visitors to show off his power. While his violation of the sacred hospitality tradition greatly angered the gods, it was Sisyphus’ reckless confidence that proved to be his downfall -- resulting in Zeus condemning him for all eternity. Alex Gendler shares the myth of Sisyphus.

Lesson by Alex Gendler, directed by Adriatic Animation.

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