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We visit Skeleton Technologies in Tallinn, Estonia to find out how these remarkable products are made and what they do.
Curved graphene. Yummy.
Imagine an electric car with batteries and ultra capacitors that can soak up all your regenerative braking generation and use it to accelerate the vehicle later. Hugely reducing strain on the battery and increasing lifespan and range. Nice.
More info Skeleton Tech:
More info European Investment Bank:


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LP Youtube Channel
if a New Battery is invented all Current EV's become redundant
common sense when leaf launched.
Justice NDOU
the capacitor essentially the oldest tech of the modern world....
James William
Mad props to your camera person who seems to have an amazing ability walk backwards for roughly .5km.
Judy Jones
Why can't motor manufacturers put small wind generators in the slip steam.
Of a vehicle to help charge the battery's The Faster you go the higher the charge ?????
lmao anyone notice the store sign that just said "Caffeine"?
While cars are not far more desirable given regen tech bicycles, and I don't mean grid charged battery ones, are.

So this company is best understood as about generating propiganda to keep bicycles either apparenlty expensive if with massive car style battery packs or without other then midieval friction braking.

From such sociopathy thety consider putting only rich people in cars with little price sensitivity because they need so little braking storage far more a a 'good' business' then disrupting the desirability of moronic car vehiciles versus ultralight frictrion braking NOT bikes.
James Sidell
Comparing these capacitors to batteries is a fools errand. Their marketing claims 6.8 Wh/kG, whereas lithium ion batteries are over 100 Wh/kG. "Power density" isn't common terminology when discussing energy storage; you want Wh/kG not kW/kG. As neat as this product is, they're more than an order of magnitude away from even theoretical use as the primary energy storage bank for a vehicle. There are a lot of applications, but bulk energy storage isn't one of them.
Boro Balaguer
Good work. I enjoyed It a lot!
We have so much things to learn from stoniards...
Patrick Barry
The capacitors are high speed storage between the battery and the engine. Like ram memory in a computer.
Hung Tran
Yes this is the Best of Best show
i like to see how it is used in real world in car as well as home storage
Bill Farrell
Music is waay too loud compared to the voice.
R. Crosby Lyles
Wow! Very exciting!
smeggers allsorts
about time somebody used capacitors
Roedy Green
What are solid state electrolytes preferable to liquid ones.
Constant Throwing
Me just sat here like : "Will dance for ultra-capacitors."
Harijot Khalsa
Can one buy stock in the company? I tried to find it's symbol but couldn't figure it out. It seems like this is a company that is set to rocket!
Manuel Barkhau
The larger the battery pack, the more cells it has; the more cells it has, the more energy you can charge into it for a given period of time (in absolute terms, not percentage terms) and the less you need this technology. My guess is that car manufacturers need these ultra capacitors primarily because they don't have the supply of cells for larger battery packs. I can't imagine any other reason that tesla wouldn't already be using them.
Javier Alvarez
Excellent Video. Can we start dreaming now with storing the energy from a lighting storm?
Phyo Kyaw
First we charge in capacitor and then charge to battery from capacitor with device like (dc to dc convert).Then from battery power we drive the motor. Is that possible? Benefit Charging time is very fast and battery life will be life span.
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