AVL Industrial Dobby Loom -- IDL シャトル織機の動画 [字幕あり]. A Video of Shuttle 2 days ago   00:53

The Industrial Dobby Loom is broadly capable. The loom in the video is our largest IDL at 72" with 24 shafts. The loom also comes in 24",40", and 60" widths.

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John Orr
I would love to own such a loom, or 4, to weave fabric yardage in my original tartan designs. There is also the issue of wet finishing and darning a large amount of fabric . . .
RAMON တဆိပ္ရးမည္
I really would like to have this. How much does it cost? Would you ship to Thailand?
ts ganesh
hand looms super
Michael H
Far North Weaver
Where is the Joy of actually weaving in that?
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シャトル織機の動画 [字幕あり]. A Video of Shuttle AVL Industrial Dobby Loom -- IDL 2 days ago   03:37

TOYODAの旧式力織機(シャトル織機)でデニム生地が織られる様子. This is a longer video (3.5min) of shuttle loom weaving denim fabric for denim lovers like me. It's filmed at the Weaving Mill of JAPAN BLUE Co.

PICTURES PROHIBITED in the mill and the store next to it.
I've got a previous permission for photographing and filming.


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