World War 3 Russia puts LASER Royal Navy HMS Duncan warship 1 day ago   03:03

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RUSSIA has entered a new futuristic laser weapon into service as Vladimir Putin warns Donald Trump an arms race would ensue if he scraps their nuclear weapons treaty.

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Mr Me
It's all about the ET that are not only her but the ones that are coming still.
Ron Wright
they say russia will be strongest military by 2025 wow I can allready smell them that's strong !!@!!🌶😂😁🙄🍋🌶
justin scott-lee
They have Lazers and we have six stage emp intercepting WMD's like once picked by enemy radar
for the first stage emp strike secend stage warhead explodes taking out 160 mile radius target and all so
Russian Lazer weapon what again 🤣🤣😁
Russia is years out from being able to have a military grade laser, for rapid fire it takes a very large power source such as a nuclear powerd ship, has anyone seen a test like USA shows in action? Russian propaganda!
Michael Petty
Oscar Salinas
Un are the ones that started the fire in California
Battlefront 3 gameplay
This video looks like it was made in 2009 by a 12 year old
Steven Stewart
So what do America have to beat the lasers that Russia have I think America has got the same thing s as what Russia has I don't think that the both of them should shake hands and stop this before it's too late to do anything as there won't be that many people left on the planet if the both of them want to youse nuclear weapons all we can do is pray that the both of them sort it out and stop this madness trump should go to Russia or Putin should go to America so that the both of them can sit down and get this all sorted out as we don't want another war as we have already been at war it's time to stop all the wars and pull out of their country s
Craig Bailes
The US has lazer weapons too what's your point
Walter La Rue
so what ? they r paranoid....
Ali Khilji
Russia don't forget that USA🇺🇸 broke USSR... Keep it up... Allah will bless you...
You never beg any Country.. I hope u became super power country still nw ur a super country
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Royal Navy HMS Duncan warship World War 3 Russia puts LASER 1 day ago   10:43

Royal Navy HMS Duncan warship faced ‘brazen hostility’ swarmed by 17 Russian fighter jets - Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has said a Royal Navy warship faced ‘brazen hostility’ as 17 Russian fighter jets dangerously buzzed it off the coast of Crimea. Footage of the encounter with HMS Duncan as it led a Nato fleet through the Black Sea in May this year has been released as a four-part documentary on the Type 45 destroyer is to be aired on Channel 5. The Russian jets are seen flying so close that the aircraft’s electronics could have been scrambled by the Portsmouth-based warship’s radar system leaving the potential for them to crash.

Mr Williamson said: ‘Over the past year, HMS Duncan and her crew have embodied the key role the UK plays in Nato. ‘As Nato flagship, she has faced down brazen Russian hostility in the Black Sea with jets buzzing overhead, been stalked by Russian spy ships and played a vital role protecting Nato allies during the British, American and French strikes against Syr99ian chemical weapons facilities.

‘Through her deployment, this world-leading ship and her crew epitomised the nation we are going to be as we exit the EU – a truly global Britain which is outward-looking and engaged on the world stage.’ Commodore Mike Utley, who was leading the Nato task force from Duncan, said: ‘HMS Duncan is probably the only maritime asset that has seen a raid of that magnitude in the last 25 years.’ He added: ‘I think their tactics are naive. What they don’t know is how capable the ship is.

‘When you see that much activity, I think it reinforces the nature of what people expect at the moment and why there is a challenge from Russia.’ The footage shows the jets circling the ship before returning to Russian airspace with one of the pilots sending a message to Duncan’s crew, saying: ‘Good luck, guys.’

The documentary shows one of Duncan’s sailors saying they felt the message could have been a warning to the ship while another said: ‘They had 17 aircraft, we have 48 missiles – I think we’re going to win that one.’ Commander Eleanor Stack, Duncan’s captain, said: ‘To me if felt unprecedented. There were more aircraft than we have seen in a long time.’ Earlier, Duncan had launched its Merlin Mk2 helicopter to hunt a Russian spy ship spotted on radar. Lieutenant Commander James Smith said of the Nato presence in the Black Sea: ‘They may consider it to be escalatory, we certainly don’t. But it depends on how you spin the narrative. The one thing the Russians are very good at is spinning a narrative. ‘We have to demonstrate and create our own as well. They can scream and shout all they want but we still have the right, as do all these units, to be where we are, operating how we are.’ The first episode of Warship: Life at Sea was on Channel 5 last night.

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