Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets ‘Chef’ Thinks That Cold 1 day ago   06:15

Kitchen Nightmares
And micro carrots for garnish?

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Beastly Dookie
“Who makes the cake”

“They come from Cleveland”

Whaaaaaat 😂
Super teddy 75
Little carrot served by a little man lol
kawaii girrl
The Beast
This guy really is an idiot.
owner: “we need help we don’t know why we’re failing”

ramsay: “here’s what’s wrong”

owner: “you’re incorrect”
Hahahaha, the funeral procession for the cake. Too funny.
Jobcenter 57
2:35 xDD
Jacob Kuntz
Sheldon Adleson is celgrew
Nick Smith
Same fucking show last year
Aisah Azzari
The dish is not presentable
Can you see my rim?
Cheybaby xox
I love how this guy is making fun of Ramsey acting like he’s richer and better than him when he CLEARLY isn’t.
I don’t know why people tell Gordon something is fresh when it’s frozen, he can tell it’s not just by taste.
Donny Trumpet
"Can you see my rim"
Scuba Tuba
wOt EHn thE blOOdy AuEH oEh PUHTTin cARRoTs oAn eT eeEEH ThE pUHgF PAsTRey wHY woUld ye do thAHt

Hm hm hm hm hmm...
khunt buster
wtf did you just hand carrots to me like that you little bitch, ill have know i graduated at the top of the whitehouse in micro-carrotology
Slickcz M
"What does he know?"

Not much. Just owns 5 star restaurants around the globe that GR doesn't even have to fly to because they run themselves. Pull your head in dickhead
"You dont hand me raw food in my dining room"

But you served him raw food...
You are supposed to stay off the rim of a plate
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‘Chef’ Thinks That Cold Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets 1 day ago   03:10

To quote Gordon: “What?!”

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