🇧🇷 Fighting Brazil's gangs: Brazil’s new president could send 2 days ago   01:52

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Troops in Brazil have been deployed to the north-eastern state of Ceara, after a rise in violent crime there.
Over the past week, the state has seen a wave of attacks including a bomb explosion, torched buses and assaults on banks and public buildings.
Police say it's in retaliation against President Jair Bolsonaro's crackdown on gangs.
Al Jazeera's Daniel Schweimler reports from the state capital Fortaleza.

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Bolsonaro is a USA and Israeli puppet....his true colours will be revealed soon enough
Al Biruni
There translators are terrible
Jellybean 2
Kill the criminals just like what duterte of the philippines did
David Rodriguez
Support to my brothers from a Mexican 🇲🇽💪🏼👍🏼🇧🇷
Squishy Potato
Raul Lozada
Now the more organized gangs are going to bring out the big guns/explosives this is just the beginning unfortunately for a reign of terror both by government and gangs.
The new president is what is needed to fight these evil snakes ! Brazil has a "Trump " also ...good for Brazil !
Sheila Bonates
The retaliation does not refer to the action of bolsonaro, but to the declarations of the new secretary of security of the state of Ceará on the changes that were going to do, and is doing, with the help of federal forces requested by Governor Camilo Santana.
Paul Tremblay
What a waste of human potential, brazil is the richest county in the world in potential but greed, corruption and bad crime management is ruining the country.

It would be easier to fix the country by fixing poverty but bolsonaro want the opposite
I hope El Salvador follows
Tears of Soy
Criminals beware 😎
This is why death penalty is needed... these criminals will not change, only death will end their wickedness, this is the fault of christian religion theyre usually against death penalty
Laudi muniz
I'm Brazilian, I live in a good place (South of Brazil ofc) but what is happening on Ceara is because of the oposition, the governator from Ceara state is doing everything to provoke criminals agains Bolsonaro, that way Bolsonaro will have to call the armed forces and will not be able to make changes in constitutions (specialy changing laws that are against criminals).
Criticized for a tough stance on crime... give me a break. .. how else are they gonna deal with this... it ain't rehab or just dialogue. .. these are criminals so just go all out on them.
Better education ,death penalty for murder
Clement Kong
@0:50 protesters? You mean gang bangers.
Joseph Smith
Hispanics/Latinos/Brazilians have destroyed and ruined everything from Argentina to Mexico... Now. they are all coming to USA... In about 30 years, USA will be just another Third World dirt poor country full of violence and poverty!!
Slowly things are adjusted, it is already decreed by law that if a thug is carrying a rifle he will be shot by a sniper sniper, and this is a victory against crime.
Deepak Sinha
Portuguese are very low breed , low education and violent and low IQ people . They occupied Indian Goa for 300 years . We kicked these locusts out in 2 days .
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Brazil’s new president could send 🇧🇷 Fighting Brazil's gangs: 2 days ago   12:43

The country of Brazil has a new president. His name is Jair Bolsonaro and in addition to being a former Congressman, he’s also a former army captain.

Bolsonaro has been called a hardliner. He’s also said that Brazil’s period of military rule was a “glorious” era for the country and promised to bring back what he describes as the “order” of the time.

That has some worried especially those who were persecuted during the 1964-1985 dictatorship.

But the military does remain a popular institution in Brazil.

Correspondent Stephen Gibbs looks at its likely role under a Bolsonaro presidency.

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