Deadly Russian submarine rushed Circumstantial Evidence Found on Mike 1 day ago   03:18

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Don't believe Everything you read
There will be no war. Sorry
Manik Syid
Propaganda channel
Mr.Death Vivash
war war war, its going to happen woohoo the fall of usa finely
Luis A
balance of power and freedom of navigation, what they called it.
Discerning Troll
The USA and NATO trying desperately to keep Porky and his neoNAZI mates in power in Ukraine. The fact Porky achieves between 5/8% support in Ukraine in the Polls is of no consequence. He must be kept in Power for for Democracy to survive in Ukraine. LOL. (Strange Definition of Democracy)?
The patriot1776
Every body com down and have some coffee, ☕.
Followed by a tow tug to tow it home when it breaks down .
Nah just kidding
They say the Yasan is a pretty good sub but it is no match for the Virginia Class Block III OR IV .
Colin Hands
What a piece of junk
Joe Rojas
when you drink blood from anthlers horn maybe your logic not make sense
Joe Rojas
we also have nuclear subs but we America don't want to use such force put the vodka and cocaine down and thinkin logic putin wants the old Russia back
Michael Sargeant
Why don't you speak. Fucksake no more robot voices
JohnJ Hanson
Looks like that sub is flying a Norweigian flag
al roberts
Why do you need Money if Russia is going to blow up the World?
Marjana Lapornik
Winter Song
Craziness if a war happens ....
There's no Winer in wars ...
Mr president is the nuclear weapons Good toys to try ?
Lisa Miller
I liken the whole situation to a bar full of drunk men all holding hand grenades ! and getting ready to pull their pins over who gets the next song on a duke box .. the world is going up in flames around our ears yet we have to listen to these so called statesmen act like dummies... can. somebody tell them the bar door is locked and the room is full of kids as well one grenade goes off and we all get hit..
Lisa Miller
people do talk such bollocks ! the king is coming? listen carefully Russia is just one of a select group of countries that posses enough firepower to destroy the world ... even Pakistan has enough to plunge the world into darkness for everyone... so stop the child-like taunts to each other and realise the power that is at hand and pray nobody is so insane as to push this issue...
Cheryl Caliwan
putin was a great leader
Robert Jones
Get ready world!!!
Now is the time to see who is the king of the world.
balam thapa
All the best Russia
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Circumstantial Evidence Found on Mike Deadly Russian submarine rushed 1 day ago   02:20

✅ Title:Circumstantial Evidence Found on Mike Pence, Reince Priebus and Others and Mueller is Coming
✅ Summary:On Tuesday of last week, after Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed his sentencing memo for Michael Flynn, you know President Donald Trump had to be shaking in his boots. Then, flash forward to Friday, when Mueller also filed his sentencing memos for Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort, it can be said with certainty that Trump became more concerned than ever before that the proverbial hammer is about to come down on him.

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