How Science Changed Sci-Fi About Strong Signs We've Found 2 days ago   02:45

Without science fiction, you might not be reading this. You also might not be doing your holiday shopping on Amazon while streaming a John Legend’s new Christmas Album on Spotify and looking for a “cuffing season” buddy on Hinge. In short, if not for sci-fi, you might not be taking part in any of the modern wonders the Internet has bestowed upon us.

This is because Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, may never have conceived of the idea if not for Arthur C. Clark’s “Dial F For Frankenstein,” a short science fiction story that first appeared in Playboy and helped inspired the young inventor. It’s just one example of the symbiotic relationship science and science fiction have had throughout modern history.

VICE News recently spoke with noted science fiction authors and scholars, including The Martian author Andy Weir and The Expanse co-authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Frank, for a series exploring the often inspiring, occasionally terrifying, and always thought-provoking ways science and sci-fi have overlapped and shape the world around us.

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ilovepork and chicken
Expectation vs Reality
Good old vice content, keep it up with the value.
GOIDOO Nascimento
Please, i no understand english, i need see The videos, so please i need subtitles!
Maekar I Targaryen
No mention of Ray Bradbury's the Martian Chronicles? What?
People lost Faith in the Creator, who left the DNA language, and place it into NA$A/Hollywood illusions and BigBangTheories...
Gart Lonm
No Mars Attacks?
Crazy how George H W Bush went from CIA director to president just how Putin went from KGB to prime minister
Ni Hi
Vox always evokes a sense of creativity which captures my interest and prevents me from clicking off.. Nice job Vox keep it up
If somehow they built a colony in mars, I’ll definitely be the first to go. I don’t like this planet that much.
Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas.
cool :)
Real shame there was zero references to David Bowie
Marké Mark
Thumbnail resembles Drake (L) & Kanye (R) 😂😂😂
gabriel valencia
You guys always make amazing videos
genocide amerika
Why do Americans want to goto space but don't even no basic geography

God created wars so that Americans can learn geography = mark twain
uh-oh! Vox is making more visually and topically interesting videos than Vice, so you guys gotta steal their style??

lmao vice is such shit
Rohan Naik
Can I know the tune name which is in the beginning ?? Please
Simon Crow
What has happened to us? We when from talking about space exploracion to arguing about a stupid wall.
Bryan Zen
Lmaoo the google image you used for thumbnail was for titan not mars
scifi now sucks its not SCIENCE FI its CULTURE FI modern people with modern values with lasers leftist hollywood sciifi is just a way for the (((left))) to control the zeitgeist
Fee_ Lo
Dumb video.
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Strong Signs We've Found How Science Changed Sci-Fi About 2 days ago   13:50

Are we alone? It’s a question that many hope to have answered, and some believe they already have the answer to. Some scientists maintain that we will find alien life in the next thirty years, if not sooner.
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