Inside The Gambling Ring of NBA Referee The Ball-Catching Expert Who Caught A-Rod's 1 day ago   11:50

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VICE "Red Cards" revisits the 2007 NBA betting scandal. We follow the character of Jimmy "the sheep" Battista, the mastermind behind the scandal and the one who sparked NBA referee Tim Donaghy betting on his own games.

For the first time, Battista opens up about his side of the story, letting us in on the seduction of sports gambling and the regrets he now carries with him. Journalists, former NBA All-Star Kenyon Martin, and an ex-FBI detective all weigh in, as we try to unpack just how a scandal of this magnitude could have occurred.

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Jeff Cockmann
you know corruption is still rampant in the NBA to this day, not only the MMA but in boxing, and most definitely in MMA.. That game the guy is describing in the beginning, its been going on since the beginning of pro sports in america, call these guys handicappers or whatever, guys like Frank Rosenthal who could always pick a winner.. Before the players used to get these huge contracts it was easy to corrupt players, nowadays its a bit harder on the pro level, but refs? judge? come on..
Christopher Weber
Anyone here after the debacle in yesterday's saints/Rams game? I'm a Giant fan so I had no dog in the fight and yes it was one call but it was so egregiously bad in such a big moment that it really makes you wonder if there was some shady business going on
JQ Bell
Kenyon is very mature and intelligent
oopopp x
Domonic LBTV
Mom- you want to go out to eat?
Son- bet!
Him- wtf did you just say 😖
Nando Contreras
Fuck that bitch bro ima kill him when I get the chance I swear
Jaba FC
john shu
only 15 Month for a white collar crime?
RamsFan 97
So now people gonna be saying, the 00-02 lakers didn't belong in the finals or shouldn't have won any of them. It's not like they asked for this to happen. They played the game the way the game should have been played. Shaq fouled out in game 5 of the finals in 00. Leaving kobe by himself. 01, philly didn't stand a chance, nor did the spurs. 02 prolly is the most questionable out of all of them. Kings looked real good in that series. The kings shot better from the field, lakers shot better from the line. kings shot better from behind the arc. But here is the question. If they were betting and the lakers were down 3-2 in the series, and apparently they wanted the lakers to win. Why did they have the lakers go down at all? they were down 2 times in the series, came back. Did they only bet on the games the lakers were supposed to win or did they dictate the series and bet on both? It's a serious question as well. I really feel like a lot is missing from this and they still aren't telling us only what they want us to know.
Ahmed Ilumoka
Can you guys do a story on Adam Johnson? He’s the x Sunderland player that was convicted for talking to a minor
Gerald Schutte
Nobody can tell me there wasnt OUTRIGHT league & officiating corruption during the 2000 Portland-Lakers West Finals. Also in 2001 Sacramento-Lakers. Thats they year i officially stopped watching the NBA. I really did!! I was a lifelong NBA fan. I used to watch all 82 games every year! I put up with the corruption in the 2000 playoffs thinking it was just an Anomaly but then it happened again only way more blatant. So i vowed i was done with the NBA. I miss it & i occasionally watch a game here or there but i still see alot of BS. I totally expect one of these days to find a sport that totally swallows itself whole due to its own arrogance & mishandling. NBA or NFL will happen first!!
Aight now investigate Lauren Holtkamp, I've never seen her ref a good game ever
wendee logan
What I don't understand is nba refs are paid very well. Why risk your career reputation and freedom by illegal gambling?
NBA is so rigged. When you saw Curry throw the 16 championship to Lebron, it was so obvious.
That's not exactly true about referee's being the best of the best on the highest level of officiating. I see many people that move up because there mom or dad is in the business while a good promising official goes to camps that are borderline racket, pay crazy amounts of fees and still the less moves up. SMH. The best will advance is some bull.
Blake B
I still believe this issue exists, prime example the Warriors and the Cavs (with Lebron)
just the tip of the iceberg. why bribe a whole team when you can just bribe one person, the lowest paid? we will see more of this with so called legalized sports betting
BreadBoy Sarayba
2002 Western Conference Finals Game 6 Lakers vs Kings - 27 free throws in the 4th qtr by the Lakers alone...........
Smooth Operator
That ref that ejected Tim Duncan for smiling on the bench is also corrupt...FACTS!!!
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The Ball-Catching Expert Who Caught A-Rod's Inside The Gambling Ring of NBA Referee 1 day ago   10:11

Zack Hample isn't your typical fan at a ball game. He's there to snag baseballs, and do it with a studied, meticulous approach. In this VICE Sports exclusive, we hung out with the "Ball Hawk" in the days following his catch of Alex Rodriguez's 3000th hit. While in some ways it served as the pinnacle of his time in the stands it also brought with it a firestorm of media coverage and public opinion that wasn't always friendly. Life can be lonely in the bleachers, too.

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