The Donbass War: Every Day (So Far) Israel vs Iran: How would their 3 months ago   02:32

Three years ago in 2014 war broke out in East Ukraine, causing a massive conflict that has yet to be resolved, but fighting has slowed down in recent months.

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Вік.інґ Норд
Krimea is Ukraine 🇺🇦!!!
Russian Army never win Ukrainians
for idiots from Poland see the story of what happened to you when 200 years ago when Ukraine was occupied
I'm sorry,I write through the translator.

I have relatives living in these territories,yet,there is peace,but when there were attacks of settlements-almost all media in Ukraine said that local fire at themselves!
Can you believe that?
All this war began because of the illegal change of power in Kiev, in 2013-2014.
People in Donetsk and Lugansk disagreed with this turn of events,and wanted only autonomy for their regions!But Kiev sent the army began shelling from tanks and artillery + there were cases of attack of aviation and missiles!
Now put yourself in the shoes of these people.Would you like to live in a state that kills your neighbors,friends and acquaintances?I think not (unless you are a masochist).

The campaign launched in the media in support of the Ukrainian Nazi government in the West has only one goal:to deceive its own citizens,who are accustomed to take on faith everything that is said on television and what is written in false pseudo-news on the Internet.
And we must admit that quite a large number of people are on these fakes,because they are not used to think about their content.If you are one of those people,congratulations!So another "reporter" broadcasts news in my head-no wonder got his salary,as it has managed to fool another fool :) :)
Михаил Федотов
Reason of this war, oversimplified:
Ukraine: we want to EU and NATO.
Russia: (coughs with vodka) you WHAT??
Ukraine: We want to EU and NATO.
Russia: hmm...Tomahawks and F-22s in proximity to vulnerable industrial core in CFD and SFD, no Black sea fleet...Hey, Ukraine, you dont want to NATO. Some gas discount?
UA: Nope, I do want to NATO..
RU: Ok then. I've tried. (Russian forces capture Crimea, no casualties due to absolute support of invasion by locals).
UA: Fuck.
DPR: Hey guys. I want with Crimea into Russia.
UA: FUCK! (Sends troops to Donetsk in attempt to subdue the rebellion)
DPR: SOS, mother Russia, they're beating us!
RU: No problem. (Sends mercenaries and tons of written-off weapons).
UA: NATO, help us!
NATO: nope.
UA: Why?
NATO: You didn't declare war upon Russia, so it's your civil war, and your problems.
UA: (visible confusion)
Роман Коровин
Prince Oleg in the 10th century said: "Kiev is the mother of Russian cities"
Gideon Horwitz
I was keeping up watching live combat footage during the whole time period definitely brutal shit
Putin = Dick , Fuck you Russia
Absolutely standard civil war. No photos, Russian troops, for 5 years, so no one showed.
Денис Зашейко
Россия окупировала Крым в Марте 2014 года а видео началось с того что Крвм уже часть России
Tati Hakmadoeva
Ukraine terrorist.
Роман Грек
track please
Русский-Имперский Маппер
Ukraine is this Evil and Fascist
Лев Чумаков
For your information, Ukraine as a separate republic of the USSR was created artificially, there was no such people before. Now in Ukraine, a mess, full of fascists and nationalists. They kill civilians Donbas, shoot at hospitals! I have friends on both sides of the conflict, first-hand information ...

We just want to live peacefully, without fascism.

Best regards from Russia.
Денис Петренко
ВСУ имело шанс летом 14-го но .....проебали.И скорее всего это поражение Украины в этой войне....(Сам из Украины)
Вознесенский маппер
Я украинец LIKE
Claudio Grasso
What is the location interested of the war in kharkiv oblast on May 17, 2014?
Denis Vedernikov
Что блят мешает Украине собрать пару сотен танков и отправить их на Донбасс - восстанавливать конституционный порядок? По ходу дела реально, как говорит Путин, нахуй вам мирный Донбас не нужен.
Alex Golf
Go DPR!!!!
Богдан Кравець
Кляті москалі
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Israel vs Iran: How would their The Donbass War: Every Day (So Far) 3 months ago   15:45

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