Launching Balloons into North Why Are There No Yellow Vests in China? 2 days ago   24:02

North and South Korea are, both legally and philosophically, in a state of war. While the guns may be silent, the conflict between the two countries has now become one of propaganda.

With the assistance of the Human Rights Foundation, North Korean defectors now in South Korea have been launching hydrogen-filled balloons across the 38th parallel — carrying both money and propaganda. In late 2014, a balloon launch sparked a brief exchange of gunfire between North and South Korean soldiers, and even more recently, Pyongyang has promised that hellfire will rain on South Korea if any copies of the controversial Hollywood comedy The Interview make it across the border.

VICE News traveled to Seoul to meet frontline soldiers in this information war — and to attend a clandestine launch of propaganda balloons into the Hermit Kingdom.

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VICE News traveled to Seoul to meet frontline soldiers in this information war — and to attend a clandestine launch of propaganda balloons into the Hermit Kingdom.
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Ian h
This reporter is such a fucking baby. "Waa waa its cold, waa waa the bush was pwickwy" as hes a couple miles away from a country where people fucking starve or get executed for speaking their mind.
how funny will be that one day those ballons will be considered as an invasion and north korea starts invading south
david aranda
This guy looks like the dude from Charlie's angels the dude with hair fetish the host for vice I mean
Maddie Goss
At 5:00 neither of these mans can say 'divisive'
A spy
It's real
Ethan Perrill
sending the interview is so mid bro there're so many actually helpful examples of western film to send sksksksksksk
Zachary Bazin
obama is gone
why does he look like Gordan Ramsey
How to they still sound like pussies even tho they speak in a completely different language 13:15
Near Harvy
flying yourself instead to the NK will be wise!
CVX Cardsistry And More
Lmao the North Korean People loved porn secretly
Dodgy Skull Guy
Why is that guy using Win XP and Win 7, but not Red Star like a good citizen?
Luis Quinones
Samuel suiaunoa
@ 0:53 a soldier has a charming smirk and give the peace symbol
James Lange
There you go send porn and sex supplies to the military solders, and win them over and their front line will be destroyed! lol!
send them a copy of big chungus
Mr.agent 47
11:53 I bet that guy was in the damn Korean War lol.
@4:06 looks like the bus from gangnam style
mees baudoin
They should use drones.
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Why Are There No Yellow Vests in China? Launching Balloons into North 2 days ago   13:45

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The end of 2018 couldn’t have been more stressful: the protests of the so-called yellow vests have unleashed a wave of violence and political rebellion in Emmanuel Macron’s France.

But... Why do we never see protests like this in China? Don’t the Chinese have more than enough reasons to feel dissatisfied? And perhaps the key question, how does the Chinese government manage to keep 1.3 billion people under control and all without any sign of discontent?

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