Why Colombia has taken in 1 million Venezuelans Why the Victorian mansion is a horror icon 1 day ago   08:30

The border of unity.
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Colombia is currently dealing with a massive wave of refugees coming from Venezuela. Venezuelans are fleeing their home because of a severe economic crisis under President Nicolas Maduro. There are high inflation rates and there isn’t enough food available for people within Venezuela to even eat. Thousands of Venezuelans cross the Simon Bolivar bridge located at Cúcuta every day and Colombia doesn’t seem to be turning anyone way.

This borders episode looks at why Colombia doesn’t turn away these refugees, the shared history of the two nations and how there may be a limit to Colombia’s acceptance of incoming Venezuelans.

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Johnny Harris
Thanks so much to everyone who has tuned in, commented, and shared their excitement for Borders! I'm so thrilled to share this latest season with you. I'll be around in the comments (and the chat before this episode premieres) to take your questions. Let me know what's on your mind. – Johnny
Miao Wang
Another masterpiece of Johnny
What this disgusting excuse for journalism shows is the toxic effect of Main Stream Media in its attempt to suppress mass democracy. Nowhere in this "report" does it show how the sanctions, threats, and manipulations of the U.S. have devastated Venezuela's attempts to secure its economy for the People and not for the international predatory corporate thieves who would exploit it.

Shame, shame, shame on you!
Michael Chun
China's fault.
Nuke Beijing, Nuke China!
Im Venezuelan and i still live here and i can confirm everything he’s saying is true if not worse
Nadia Quintero
From this site of the world I just can say thank you Colombian brothers and sisters. For us we are always being that. Thank you for giving us a hand. I didn’t more than cry while I watched this video.
Desde esta parte del mundo solo puedo agradecerle a mis hermanos colombianos! Gracias
Brent Cook
We haven't, they have come to invade Colombia by themself, no one invited them.. they are like a plague, now i know how USA feels about Mexicans.. it's the same (almost)
Francisco Arevalo
Good bless to all Colombian people..!!
Ryan Lopez
Wish Mexico or Brazil would step in
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
Well, Colombia might be the country that has let most Venezuelans in, but all of the South American countries are letting them in. And the fact that they are going not only to their neighbor country, but ANYWHERE is really worrying. ☹️
Chevy Chase
Viva Colombia!
Robert Montes
Plain and simple;
Venezuela run by Capitalists
Colombia run by the people.
jij p
just love ur presentation........keep up the good work..lov from India
So are we all gonna ignore the cool purses and sculptures made of money?
Nation wide
*looks at trump*
Manuel Alonso Domínguez Vázquez
Dios bendiga a los colombianos. 🥺
Pablo Escobar
If only.... I could’ve taken out Maduro 🙄
Freedm M
This is well what could come about in the US if we aren't carful in who we vote for!
love. hate
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Why the Victorian mansion is a horror icon Why Colombia has taken in 1 million Venezuelans 1 day ago   05:01

The Gilded Age left a legacy of decay on the American landscape.

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Haunted houses are often depicted with similar features: decaying woodwork, steep angles, and Gothic-looking towers and turrets. The model for this trope is the Victorian mansion, once a symbol of affluence and taste during the Gilded Age - a period of American history marked by political corruption and severe income inequality.

After World War I, these houses were seen as extravagant and antiquated, and were abandoned. Their sinister relationship to the troubling end of the Victorian Era in America eventually led to their depiction as haunted and ghostly in both fine art and pop culture, and is now an unspoken symbol of dread.

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