Ellen Gets Backlash Over Ellen still wants Kevin 1 day ago   11:56

ET Canada
After Ellen DeGeneres received backlash for her interview with Kevin Hart about the Oscars gig, Roz Weston and Graeme O’Neil discuss during "ET Canada Live".

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Chrz OC
Whiney professionally outraged libtard queens. It's humor, some people may get offended. Deal with it.
I think it’s unfortunate. The Oscar’s wanted to save face among the public and were forcing Kevin Hart to make another statement. I understand his frustration and he has apologized, but in people’s minds apologizing will not be enough. Some people want him to suffer every time he is on camera. Sad
Johnny Fowler
Screw all u faggits ... He spoke his mind ..what he needs to do is put all u f.... In halls place... F... Faggits
Katt tried to told ya!
Leoj Santos
Kevin very well said his part and if you don’t have the heart to understand it then maybe it’s start to re evaluate yourself.
So maybe Whites can finally apologize for slavery and racial appression
Josphat Gathwara
If i was kevin with all that money and fan base, i wouldn't even at the slightest be bothered about the lgbtq community. Follow Dave Chapelle's advice, get out of Hollywood while you still at your peak. Get into investments and leave those super sensitive lgbts...tf!
Helen Kistler
If the press which Kevin Hart is getting is unfairly defamatory (which is how he views it), then he is a victim of that.
Helen Kistler
What one person sees as "funny" may not be funny to another person. Case in point: I do not find the constant trashing of the US President by late-night "comics" to be funny.
Helen Kistler
They gave him an ultimatum and he refused to accept their terms; that's not the same as being "fired".
Rod Brogan
a more textured conversation...
Shanelle Benjamin
The government is shut down yet everyone is focused on something Kevin Hart did 10 years ago 🙄 Move on people
Edwin Navedo
People use their power in numbers to condemn a celebrity for crude humor but wont band together to fix real social issues and economic issues in the world....

I dont care what community you are a part of...if you spend this much time on one person's actions then you need to re-evaluate what truly is important.....

Everyone has an opinion....what about true actions true issues

That has been and continues to be in this world.....

We went from making people who are gay to feel alienated to making straight people have to fill Gay roles on the screen to seem politically correct

Gay Straight why should it matter

Why is Society becoming so immature over these topics

Treat people with Love and respect period .... what you do is your right ...

We might as well reform the 1st ammendment because you cant speak your mind anymore without public scrutiny.....

I say the wrong thing and it's off with my Head

Society is the Queen of Hearts now huh....

Well Eat me or Drink me

I will voice my beliefs and should never fear for backlash ...but this is a fairytale I guess .....
He who is WITHOUT SIN.....?


People better pray that their history doesn’t get dredged up and cast into the public domain!

Freakin Trolls.

I mean in what area of life is it appropriate or even acceptable to keep bringing up someone’s past mistakes or behaviour ? It simply doesn’t happen in reality....

This sense of righteous indignation people have is frankly astounding.

Every troll who brings this stuff up — I wish someone would snitch on all the nasty little things they’ve done in their life and post it on their social media.
Kat Ritchie
If you can't get over something 10 years ago, you have the problem. #supportkevinhart
Annon Nimous
For Louis Brutell (if that's the spelling) NOPE! One do NOT have to keep apologizing for something they've said, over and over again, to satisfy you or anyone else. Sorry is sorry. If his "meager" (as he put it) apology doesn't satisfy the few low life loud mouths who continues to cry like a baby because they want people to be like them, side with them, or feel sorry for them, oh well, tough! Grow up and get over it. Y'all are sounding like immature cry babies. Get a life and stop feeling sorry for yourselves. You're not dead, you're alive. Kevin's words didn't kill anybody, and if you want to hold on to this for the rest of your lives, so be it; but do so in your own little world. Stop dragging us into it.
Gerry Thanos
He apologized already! He is a comedian!
Fake controversy to try to get people watching the Oscars.
songbird372 P
But it's ok to crack jokes on Black and White people! Religion, Nationalities!!Stop it!!
I won’t watch if he doesn’t host.
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Ellen still wants Kevin Ellen Gets Backlash Over 1 day ago   06:37

In an interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," comedian Kevin Hart said he would evaluate taking on the job of hosting the Oscars again after Ellen revealed she called the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Hart initially stepped down from the role after homophobic tweets from his past resurfaced and generated backlash.

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