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Fire and ice. The final season of Game of Thrones begins this April. #GoTS8

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Kiran Deshmukh
GOT cover Please share your feedback :-)
Jessy Chirenge
About damn time
Cara Lily
Can they just drop it already thx
The paranoid Targaryen
Tease!!!! This is how you tease us! Give us more!
Sendra Rikhotso
That's it ???? 😭😭😭
Sunny Kawar
All i can say for this is.. avada kedavra
Now it ends.
Malek Clay
Can GOT force to drop the trailer like the avengers fans
I don't want a trailer tease...I can think for myself.
Tony D. Wilson
vanes sejrani
Wolf represents North and Winterfell, it means it will be frozen by Night king and his dragon, so, the North will fall by army of dead, than they will proceed to the South, where they will fight against Dany and her dragons, while lion represents Lannisters, and they will fight for Dany as well, because she will become the new queen, after Cersei being killed by Tyrion or Jamie, after they hear what she wants to do. By the way, the troops are coming from king's landing to the North, to defend it, they will find that Night king has already taken the North, so they will regroup, and fight will be somewhere between the North and South, as showen in video, the place where ice and fire touches each other. Then after, Brann and his sisters will be evacuated from Winterfell, i dont know who will die, but i know that either Brann or Sam will survive to tell Jon Snow the truth, than Jon Snow will become new King of Vesteros, and that will solve the problem of Dany being unable to have children, thats why Jons children will come on after Jon dies.
This is only the theory but Dany could die in fight with her dragon, the ice and fire dragon will destroy each other and the only one dragon left will go to Jon, he will ride him, as showen in s07 that dragons like him, prob because he is Targaryan. I think that Jon will kill Night king after all of his army will die because he is navigating them. After that Jon will become true hero and tv show will end showing Jon on his chair.
My theory thumbs up if u like it.
And yes, the famous Kingslayer (Jamie) may become the Queenslayer as well, AHHAHAHA
Also Arya will meet Jon, and probably facelless man and it will be nice reunion xD
Elleria of house Martel may be released from prison. Greyjojs will be destroyed by Jon, as they were destroyed by Robert and Nedd after Roberts rebellion. Euron will be killed and prob Theon will rule over Iron islands
Cydia Gamer
If this doesn’t have a happy ending I’m gonna be pissed
All this suffering for nothing
Arpita Goon
Are they going to corner the north with a dragonglass wall or what? What is happening?
Milan Striker
There's no way they can wrap up the stories in 6 episodes. I truly hope i'm wrong here
Rehi Balazi
Video eğitim kanalından buraya nasıl geldim?!
Hidou _ma
Queen of dragons Is it possible to find a woman like her?
Watermelon Nuclear
Fire and ice = obsidian / dragon glass
they build a new wall made of this material in the middle of westerous
btw im pretty sure john snow / aegon will die
0:07 does that mean sansa is gonna die? 😢
Syeda Maha Ali
It shows the ending. Everyone needs to understand this trailor.
Tinco Shorts
We know everyone lost a lot of their allies before this season but do you think that the white walkers were affected by the finger snap too ? 😯
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WELCOME back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 Plot Outline video. Once again I was emailed another S8 Outline but this time it seems a little more legit than the previous one. Some of the things in this video do line up with how the series ended during the Season 7 finale but there are also some very CRAZY things in here as well. It's hard to say how much of this will be true but it's very interesting and entertaining to say the least. Hopefully you enjoy the video either way. It did take quite some time to edit it all. Thanks for watching. Let me know what you think!

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