SD Card Corrupted/Formatted/Deleted : How to Recover Photos, Recovering Data from an SD Card 2 weeks ago   08:32

Do you have data on your SD card and cannot retrieve them? If you already tired to manually recover your data/files or had no success check out Wondershare Data Recovery or Wondershare Photo Recovery. Make sure you listen the whole video as I forgot to mention some things.

Wondershare Data Recovery/ Photo Recovery :

If you want to try to manually recover your files for free then try this first but you will need a Windows computer then open a command prompt:

If you need a usb SD Card Reader they are cheap:
USA Amazon w/ free ship:
Canada Amazon w/ free ship:

Ah I almost forgot to mention that even though you cannot access your photos on your sd card while in your phone you may be able to access them by simply putting your sd card into a usb sd card adapter then plugging it into a computer. Don't know why this is but this worked for me several times with different sd cards.

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Cant i use my phone instead of that kind of usb cuz i dont have it?
Asho Ahmed
I lost my sd card 😒😒😒😒also all my files what shiuld i do😭😭😭😭😭
Faisal Majeed Afridi
hi m ny card m sara data kr k mobile restore Kia ab mery card m koi file e nai
Mc Chriss
is it possible to infect the pc a virus coming from corrupted sd card? is it safe?
Guys if u havent already reinsert the sd card cause sometimes it just glitches hopefully it works again πŸ™
I have a corrupted card but when I put it in a card reader it is not recognized by my computer. I've tried several card readers and several computers. Any suggestions?
Caroline Tuchel
I recommend hiring a pro hacker who can easily get a memory card content retrieve no matter the state of the memory card. I just had my over 4000 pics returned to me just by supplying JD hack expert the card type, Gig, and the last device information I had it on before I lost it. Amazingly I got everything back. Get through to her via Gmail on janethedarkwebghost9@gmail. Com you'll bee glad you hired her. I recommend her.
Dummy me did not properly eject my card when i got a new phone.
.... @ 6:12 .... was that a penis?
Drexl Media
none of these videos work for me... I used this tool and it worked perfect! dont waste your your self the time and just spend the 6 bucks !
Γ† Samtens
The program isn't free.. Or maybe I'm just stupid.. Tried that one and it worked fine for me, it's free! Got all my photos back!
Christian Pintor
Was one of thoes pics of his junk story but I know I'm not the only one that noticed that lol
StarCity 101
My file corrupted and I'm just a kid but I had 700 photos that meant a lot to me and now they're all gone... I really wanna die rn why are phones so confusing like why can't we just have a lot of space and never have to worry about it
Keith West
Thanks for the video. I had a friend video my wedding with my Samsung S8 and a SanDisk 125 gb card in my phone. To my horror my wedding will play on my phone then a black screen with a picture of a speaker comes up at halfway through, I can still hear the sound fine and it plays but no video. I have tried to save the video to Facebook, YouTube, my computer but can't get it to transfer, it always stops at like 64 %. Is this a corrupt card? I would be so greatful if there is anyway I could fix this that you know how. Every other video and pictures are fine it only messed up on my wedding. Thanks so much.
Irene Gallegos
I accidentaly formatted an sd card with games for my nintendo ds becuz i have thos special cartridge for the ds and i can get them back
bob rock
I have 16gb card that i used in a phona and is dead.Windows and programs doesnt see it.Bummer.
Sabrina Trossero
How can i change the format of the photos?
Juan Tamayo
worthless does not work EasyUS is way better
Nolan Knight
Hello there. It is an interesting video indeed but i'm having some troubles with my SD card. My computer is not reading it. I tried with another SD and it works fine but not with the one i'm trying to access. I'm about to burn this sh*t down lol
Kumar Chandan
Hey! Check-out ZXG 128GB Class 10 Memory Card on Snapdeal at
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Recovering Data from an SD Card SD Card Corrupted/Formatted/Deleted : How to Recover Photos, 2 weeks ago   06:28

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